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Sennheiser HD 380 pro: love it or hate it?

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hi guys

i am in the market for a closed headphone, with replacable cable. 

So far my eyes are on 

Sennheiser 380 pro

AKG 271


others are: Sennheiser 439 (but the cup are not in leather, which i prefer). 


The 380 are the one I'd buy, even if I dont like the coiled cord. But reading many reviews online it seems some people love them while others think they are the worst ever. 


I'd use them mainly for piano playing, I have a Yamaha acustic piano with Silent system (basically, what I hear is digitalized piano sound) which I play at night, so I need headphone. 


what do you think? any model you recommend?

I also look at the Shure 440 or 840, but I dont like those small thin calbes on the outside, I am sure I'd break them in a blink. 


any advice is very welcome: closed/detachable cable/leatherette/straight cable

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I guess it depends on your budget. However, some suggestions based on closed/pleather/detachable cable*:


Brainwavz HM5 (MP4nation.net); also the Fischer Audio FA003 & NVX (all three are the same headphone, clones)


CAD Audio MH310 (*cable does not detach)

Ultrasone PRO 550

Shure SRH840

Sennheiser HD280 PRO

Fostex T50RP (modded or not)


I happen to really enjoy my FA002W woodback (light breech) with my Yamaha. The inexpensive equivalent is the Brainwavz HM5.




Very best,

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thanks a lot

pricepoint is around 150 euro or less, I can find the Senn 380 for 140 euro in shops or 80 online


also, where I live it's difficult for me to test the fit, so I narrowed my choice to Senn and AKG


what do you think AKG 271 vs Senn 380?


how does the AKG 271MKII differ from AKG 271 studio (which I can find more easily)?

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At the end I tried the Akg 271 and the Senn 380 pro

Bought the Akg as more neutral 


only complaint is that they do not isolate as well as the Senn 380. You can hear what happens around you, I would have expected it to be more "close"

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