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iPhone5 and the new version of iPod NANO, iTouch all adopts the latest Lightning connector which does not support analog signal output,unlike the previous 30 pins dock connector that can support this kind of Line Output signal and people can use it to conect to the headphone amplifier directly.


Old 30Pins Dock connector vs  new Lightning dock connector of iPhone5




Therefore, any accessories that would support the Lightning connector need to get Apple’s authentication and authorization. Only in this way can the manufacturer purchase the authenticated chip from Apple and then realize the function of transforming the digital signal into analog signal by taking advantage of the Lighting connector.

Without the authorization of Apple Company, we are unable to develop such kind of accessories. But if users want to use the Line Out


of new lightning connector, he can purchase an Apple’s Lightning adaptor which can transform the Lightning connector into the previous

30 pins 

dock connector. Thus, our former LO cables would be usable with the help of the adaptor.




Lightning to 30 Pins dock adaptor