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Good earbuds?

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Hello, im new here on head-fi, and im looking for some nice ear-buds.

currently i have these:

i just want to know if there's any newer/ better options.


I listen to r&b, i prefer silicon tip ear-buds to hard, i don't mind base but not excessive. just something that works. noise isolating.

my budget is like 20-25 usd$

I've seen some db-logic ep-100's around but i don't know if these can hold up.






my klipsch have held up for about 3 years now. And i think its time for an upgrade.

i have seen some sony ones, but i don't know if they are very comfortable.


If you guys have any suggestions i'd be happy.





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Etymotic MC5

Over Budget, but... Built to last.

Cheers, Jim
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