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For Sale:
Antelope Zodiac Silver w/ PSU ( DAC + Preamp + Headamp) SOLD

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm downsizing my system and changing my source.  This DAC is 10 months old, in beautiful condition and includes a $382 Teddy Pardo power supply.  The PSU took the DAC up another notch, you definitely want it, and it's free with purchase of the DAC.


The DAC is still $1,895 from most retailer's sites (other sites usually list cheaper but have none in stock), and as mentioned, the power supply $382.  I'm selling both for $1,200.


Other Info:



  • Bought both in January with 2 year warranty from Sweetwater.  


  • I spoke to Marcel from Antelope Audio, and confirmed that this DAC is sonically identical to their $2.6K "+" model which features AES inputs and a couple of other extra ports.


  • In my experience, this DAC is immune to USB/SPDIF converters/transports.  I tried the $900 Wavelink from Gordon Rankin and the $550 Audiophilleo, and found no difference whatsoever from the on-board oven-controlled clock on the Zodiac.  The Zodiac will save you money that way.


  • It's also a pre-amp and headphone amp.  I've used the pre-amp to great effect with the F3 power amp.  This isn't one of the new, modern digital volume controls either, it's fully in the analog domain for worry free volume adjustment and no loss in resolution.


Paypal fees to be paid by buyer, unless you pay gift.  
Shipping at my expense.  
Please don't hesitate to ask for extra pictures if you need them.  It's functionally flawless.  I don't have the Zodiac's wall wart to include, you don't need it with the PSU, and I prefer not to separate the items.

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