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Do these headphones (Superlux HD-681) need an amp / sound card to sound good on my PC? I have Realtek HD Audio AC97 something. It's the integrated audio. I really don't want to buy anything more other than the headphones. Will they still sound better than my cheap 10€ headset??

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I am sorry buts this needs a bump.

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I do not have the Superlux 681 but my friend has it. I think your PC would definitely be able to drive the headphones as what my friend does with his laptop. He listens at a fairly loud volume (compared to me). It depends on how loud you listen. For me, I listen at a fairly low volume, I'm using my Superlux HD-330 (150omh) without any amp and the volume bar not even reach half (referring only to the volume & not sound quality, the cans might sound better with an amp).

However, an amp would most probably bring improvements to the sound and definitely a louder volume.

Hope this helps to clarify your problems.
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Considering your price range... 




gah, I got nuthin. Stay away from the XB300, the XB500 is REALLY bad and I expect the 300 is worse.


I know nothing about the Pioneer set. All I have are vintage pioneers.


I'd say a Beyerdynamic DT1350 would be absolutely excellent for electronica, and just about everything else too. Strikingly neutral, portable, lots of detail, etc. However its $300, and you CANNOT use low-bitrate MP3s with it. It's very revealing. And, while you don't NEED an amp, you'll want one.

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