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ATH-M50 VS ....

Poll Results: ath-m50s vs soundsticks iii

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    Harman Kardon Soundsticks iii
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Hey guys, I'm planning on spending around $150 on sound equipment. After extensive research, I've chosen the ath-m50s and Harman Kardon Soundsticks iii. Although this forum is not for speakers, I'm sure some of you may have tested them out. Which piece of equipment do you believe is better for the price. I listen to all kinds of music except for jazz. Normally I listen to dubstep though.

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M50 are overpriced in the UK imo.

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I don't care about price... I can get them both for $150 or under. 

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I had both before and I enjoyed them for quite some time, but here is what I did not like about them.



1. Claustrophobic soundstage, even for a closed headphone.

2. Sweaty ears because of no air flow. 

3. Pads harden and crack in a couple months if not carefully used.

4. Other than that, not bad of a choice if you like this sound sig. 




1. Lacks midrange.

2. Bass is slightly muddy.

3. Sound is tiny, but loud.

4. Lacks warmth.

5. Overall, good for pandora and youtube music.


If none of these problems bother you, then I guess you should be fine with either.

Hope this helped! 

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