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Short Line-Outs for iThings?

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Right now, I've got a 6G Nano > L9 > E6 looking something like this:








It's almost awesome. Lets me use the Nano's clip, access all buttons, and see the E6's setting. The rubberband part could use some work, but it's a temp solution. The only thing keeping it from being actually awesome is the L9 line-out. It sticks out enough to make the Nano and/or E6 shift when pressed against. More specifically, it puts enough tension on the 3.5 jack that I feel it might pop out if bumped right. Being my workout rig, it will get bumped around, unfortunately.


The only other short line-out I've seen is ALO's low rider, but $120 is a tough pill to swallow; it's more than I paid for the Nano and E6 combined.


Are my options limited to just the L9 and ALO cables?

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That is a pretty cute micro-stack!  I would obtain a soldering iron, some solder, and a couple of Neutrik right angle mini plugs ( works for the plugs).  Cut the end off that cable then strip both sides and figure out which wires are R, L, and G based on what wire ends (stripped on the cut off right angle plug) go to which (T R S) contact on that plug.  Once you know what color's what you can put on the Neutrik plug and shorten that cable to your needs.

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I'm not confident I can manage it, to be frank. But, good information regardless. I'm sure at some point I can make good use of it.


I'm likely to be giving BTG Audio a go for this; it looks like they have a very similar product and the option to get the cable even shorter. As the L9 has a 2" cable, I might go 1" instead; I don't see myself changing the setup for the amp & nano. Just need a slightly sturdier solution than a rubberband to hold the two together.  biggrin.gif

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Welp, my mini-rig is inbound to BTG to get a custom LOD done. The basic idea is the cable will exit from the broad, flat side of the 32 pin connector rather than the side. The distance between the connector and the amp input on the 6G Nano + E6 should be about the same as an iPhone or larger iPod and my shiny new E17, which should give even a little LOD like this some versatility.

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Update (11/5)


On Saturday, my custom LOD (and the micro-stack) came back from BTG Audio. Artsier pics can be found in the new portable rig thread here. Here are the less artsy, more detailed photos.








Speedy work for less than half of what the ALO solution would've cost me, plus the thoughtfulness of adding velcro for the pmp/amp (or maybe he disliked the rubber bands. :D). I don't doubt the quality of ALO's custom LOD, but I couldn't justify spending more for an LOD than I did for the player and amp combined, or more for the LOD than I paid for the GR06 and amp combined.


Anyway, Brian is good people. I won't hesitate to use him again for cable work.

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