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For Sale: HD600 + Canare upgrade cable SOLD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
HD600 + Canare upgrade cable SOLD

Will Ship To: CONS 50

For sale is my HD600 which I got a year ago. The headphone is in very good condition except two little paint off on the left mesh grid. The headband is still firm and tight. No dent or unreasonable scratches from my point of view. I recently got a T1 so this HD600 has to go.


It also comes with a very high quality Canare upgrade cable with I believe is superior than Cardas cable after an A/B comparison (I bought both and kept Canare one). The cable has a full sleeveing and is terminated with a Furutech  FP-704 connector. The overall construction is much better than any custom cable I can found in the market. The cable looks like new.


Will upload pictures later.


Final Price: SOLD

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Hello Superliu;


I live in Canada. May I ask what you may be willing to part with the HD600's for, including shipping ?

I am not interested in the cable as I only use Milian Cabling.




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length of the canare cable and would the original cable also be included?

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Hi dmacg,


For now I'm not splitting this bundle, and I will contact you if I decide to sell them separately.


Thank you,



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The cable is 6' in length and yes, it comes with original cable.



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As I already see some interest in the hps, would you be willing to sell the cable separately? And would you mind shipping outside of the US?? Thanks!

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Hi all,

I will not sell the hp seperately unless i can sell the cable first. Feel free to pm your offer if you only want the cable.

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Are these still available? If so, I'll take them. Please pm your paypal address when you have time. Thanks.

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Are these still for sale????

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Hi all,

Sorry for the late late reply. As i memtioned in my first post, i'm having problem transfering funds from paypal to my bank account, so i only accept direct bank transfer for now.

Thank you


**Issue has been resolved, transaction is open!**
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This combo is BACK ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIPS IN ONE BUSINESS DAY!

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Hey would you sell just the cable? And if so, for how much? Thanks
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hypothetically if you would sell the cable, how much for just the headphones?

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I am planning to buy these HPs new in a week or two.  If these are still available then I may opt for them (with or without cable upgrade)

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Item sold.
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