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Soul by ludacris sl99

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I ended up getting this for $50. If I paid full price I would have passed. I figured they would be easy enough to sell if I don't like them. I was going to pay a little extra and try the sl150s. But decided that iems were higher on my need list since I have dt770s already. Anybody used these? I read a review that they were overpriced for what they are. But is $50 a fair price? And should I have any problem getting $75 for them if I don't like them?

Thanks. Ryan
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Just picked up a set of these when Newegg had them for cheap. These are really good IEMs. Straight out of my Nano they sound huge and dynamic. Listening to Triumph's " Never Surrender" the sound is clean with tons of bass and very good clarity. The drums sound massive.smily_headphones1.gif. Using them with Comply TS-400 tips.
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So now listening to iPhone 5 -> Beyerdynamic A200P -> SL99. Wow, really digging the SL99. I put on Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events and again the first thing that hit me was the huge sound of the drums and bass. This setup really rocks!
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