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I posted in the equipment forum and amongst the great advice was to post here

I've been looking at ~1k phones, but it's looking like it won't be worth it without some other gear. I've been a serious collector for years and off and on into hifi but now with kids and a lot of travel I want some great headphones....and im listening more collecting less. Most of my listening is digital, mostly flac at home...I use mp3 and at50/hd500 for my iPod wih an e17 amp

Instead of throwing out brand names (I've been researching hard) I would appreciate if you high end guys could help me out with amps/dacs that will drive good planars...and let me know if I need anything else to drive good cans (been looking at lcd2, he500, etc). I would prefer as "portable" as possible (if only so I could move to different rooms with minimum fuss)

No real budget but prefer the low end of high end if you know what I mean...just trying to figure out what it will take to get into $1000 phones and make em sound great without pretending I'm an audiophile

Thanks for any advice or thoughts