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Sony mdr-xb1000 best amp pairing

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Hey guys, I've literally just joined Head-Fi. I'm not an audiophile, but I love music and I enjoy reading the different discussions on the site. This is my first thread, and I was wondering what some of you guys' thoughts were on the sony mdr xb1000. I own the xb500 and I love them, so I figured that the xb1000s would be even better. I have read that they need an amp, and I have been looking at the Fiio e11. It seems like there are a ton of good reviews and it is frequently bought along with the xb1000s on amazon. I thought of asking for this pairing for Christmas. My question is would this amp adequately push the 1000s and increase sound quality and bass, as well as mids and maybe highs? If not, what would be the best amp for around $100 but preferably less?

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An amp surely would help the xb1000. I would say, around your price range, and if your eyeing the fiio e11, is to wait a bit for the fiio e12, which will release at $120 usd, and may get discounted. It comes with bass boost and mostly metal construction, along with tons of power (around 500mw into 32 ohms)

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Thanks for your opinion. When does the e12 release? Honestly I'd rather not pay double what the e11 costs though.
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Will you be using with a computer if so a FiiO E7 will suffice. Portable? A FiiO E11 + LOD. Both? FiiO E7 + LOD.

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Strictly portable. I was actually thinking about buying the fiio L9 LOD also. Would the xb1000s, the e11, and the L9 be a good portable setup for an ipod touch 4th gen? My songs are standard bitrate from itunes: like 256 or something like that; correct me if I'm wrong.
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That will be a good setup. I would recommend putting all your music files to 320kbps or FLAC.
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