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For Sale:
Westone UM2s - OK Condition, need cable repair

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are some 4-year old UM2s I'm selling to fund a new pair of IEMs. They were bought used from head-fi 3 years ago and worn pretty regularly for the next 2 years until the left IEM's cable was damaged. I never got around to sending it in for RMA, but Westone has some pretty good support for this if you buy these.


The sound from these is fantastic, and the repairs will run you somewhere in the $30~50 range IIRC. Essentially the cable lining is ripped open a tiny bit, and no sound emits from the left IEM unless you hold up the cable a bit. Everything else works great, and the phones are otherwise in great condition.


Case is included; the only tips I have are used comply tips so you probably don't want those. 


$100 shipped obo


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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