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I am still currently trying out my Beyer DT770s. I will keep these, unless there is a cheaper option out there that fits my sound needs and is easier to drive. 


My options:


Sony MDR-7506

AT M-45

AKG K-240 Studio

KRK KNS-8400 (or 6400)


My requirements:


Crisp, clear, but not piercingly crisp highs. Good mids; I like to hear the vocals. A decent soundstage. Great seperation for instruments/vocals. Bass I am not too concerned about. I would also like to have a headphone that could run unamped. That being said, if I find something cheap enough, I can afford to purchase a Fiio. I can run my cans through my big stereo amp at home, but I don't have anything for portable use. Further, comfort is hugely important to me. I don't want to be hating life the entire time I am wearing the headphones because they hurt my head or ears. I am open to a semi-open design, as long as leakage isn't a problem. My Grados leak a ton, but I've heard that the K-240s aren't bad. 


What I've tried:


I tried the AT M50, and absolutely hated how sharp and exaggerated the highs were. It almost hurt my ears to listen to. I want a pair of cans that have clear, crisp highs, but not piercingly crisp. I listen to some music that has been mixed in the last decade, and the way they master these tracks, they really emphasize the treble, so any headphone that take the highs run with them will sound terrible to me (i.e. the M50s). Also, the M50s were not exactly the most comfortable; they weren't uncomfortable, but in no way could they run with the Beyers. 


I like my Beyer DT770s, but they did cost a lot. If I got a cheaper pair of phones I could afford an amp. On top of that, the Beyers are hard (not impossible) to drive from my laptop/iPod classic. I like the sound of they Beyers, but they do have recessed mids, which is a negative for me, but they more than make up for that in the way they handle the highs. Much more controlled in my opinion than the M50s. 


So, what do you guys and gals have for me? I am really leaning towards the K-240s because i would be able to get an amp for them, but I have also read great things about the KNS-8400s. Let me know what you think! Thanks for the help!