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custom iem burn in?

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i understand that "burning in" is a myth

and that even if it is true (which i believe) it is more relevant with dynamic drivers.


but why are people talking about how a lot of custom iems sound like crap at first but get better within 200 hours?

they're the same balance armature as a lot of other iems that don't recieve benefits from burning in.


does it have to do with the hard acryllic material or something?



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Not sure about that but I can confirm Burn in was a must for both Miracle & Merlin. Differences after burn in was obvious.

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ahh thanks.


i'm getting my triplefi reshelled (maybe an additional mid driver too) and i wanted to make sure.

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In my opinion it is not a myth. Every headphone, iem, electrostatic, dynamic has always improved over the "just out of the box" sound with use. I believe that there is some truth to mechanical devices needing to be used in order to hit their stride. I also believe that my ears need to get used to the earphones as well. To me this is also part of the burn in process.
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There will always be this two-sided argument on Head-Fi. I'm a believer in burn-in because at first, my UM CIEM sounded a tad too bright with the TF10 tweeter, but after a few weeks, I noticed that the treble got a bit less harsh and had the perfect amount of hotness for my liking. But with that said, this can be corrected easily with my brain adjusting to the UM, but also it can be argued that the brand new driver DID tone down a bit after burning-in. It's just a matter of wherever you stand and whatever you believe.

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