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The only pipe I ever held was like the one seen in "The Warriors." And speaking of Patriots and T-h-e  R-a-i-d-a-s, Jim Plunkett deserves to be in the Hall if fame! I'll :rolleyes: overlook that stupid rescinded "Tuck Rule" for now...

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Sigh, you can't beat the good old days. I heard that receiver in all it's glory back in 1986 at my buddies place. His dad had great taste in hi-fi. If I remember right he had a Sony turntable as well as an old late 70s Marantz receiver lying in the wings as well as the big brother of the 1250 which was the 1280, awesome sounding piece of gear. Offhand, I can't seem to remember what speakers he was driving. I feel so old



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Those old receivers certainly were gorgeous. Honestly, I'd take just about anything from that era if somebody handed it to me. And, as it turns out, a few people did just that. On one such occasion, I was given a Kenwood KR-6030 because I commented on it in a customer's pet shop. Of course I wasn't actually looking to snag it; rather, I was just asking where it had come from since it was just sitting there, balanced on an empty tank and not connected to anything. Six months later the guy just decided to give it to me, since he figured I'd appreciate it more than him. He wasn't wrong.


Here's what one looks like:



Mine lacks the wooden side panels of this unit (I also believe that a full wooden case was available), but it's otherwise identical. It's also bigger IRL than it looks in this picture for some reason. Maybe I'm just comparing it in my mind with that Pioneer behemoth above. Anyway, it's 80 wpc. Not exactly a monster, but give it a pair of decently efficient speakers and it won't lack for volume in a medium large-sized room.


I've also got one of these (my own unit this time):



25 wpc. Same applies here as with the Kennie, except this time with a medium-sized room. Unfortunately, my unit is quite sick at the moment. There's lots of buzz in the output, which sounds like bad caps in the power section (it doesn't vary with volume). Also, I get a crackling sound on occasion from the right channel, which might be a bad transistor. I've retired it from service until I can acquire the knowledge and equipment to diagnose and fix what's wrong with it (or else find somebody who won't charge an arm and a leg to do it for me).

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I wish I still had my first stereo system. It was nothing special - a matched set of Hitachi separates - a 40 wpc integrated amp, tuner and cassette deck, plus a Technics SL-1900 DD turntable - all bought new in 1978. The only thing I still have is my Sennheiser HD420 'phones that I bought a couple of years later when my HD414 broke.
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My stereo was ripped off in 93. Yamaha speakers, Yamaha receiver and a Sony turntable all gone along with most of my vinyl. Needless to say if I ever find out who ripped me off he/she would deeply regret ever taking my stuff

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I sold mine at a garage sale for less ~$50. The turntable & cassette deck were broken and the 12" 3-way speakers were rotted. The amp and the tuner worked fine.
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I had something that looked like this - 

But much older.

It's true folks. I'm not an audiophool.

I also had a Discman and a Walkman, if that's consoling. I'm still using the Discman and Walkman - now that should be really consoling.

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My First amp was a Mullard 10-10 I built.


The next was a 32W per channel amp of an AWA design. Even built the power transformer from scratch.

Laminations were grain-oriented silicon steel, like they use in the output trannies.



Wonderful amps for their time..........  Almost, but not quite as good as a mature pineapple ready to be consumed.

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They're trying to go against TMAC - 


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Hey I say we all change our avatars of Halloween.. Do it!. Your scariest avatar. 

This cannot be tolerated. The punishment must fit the crime. Till All Are One. Justice Will Prevail.

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My first stereo was actually one of those boombox things with the separable speakers. I'm having trouble remembering what happened to that, though I think the cassette player went out or something. It also didn't play CDs, and in fact the only thing we had at the time that did was the car stereo, so it was starting to feel dated before whatever ultimately happened to it happened.


I got a mini system one Christmas as a replacement. It had something which turned out to be a rarity: a cassette tape section that plays things at the correct speed. It also had a 3 CD changer. It was a definite improvement over the thing it replaced, but the carousel in the changer eventually started sticking and thus failed to line up the discs correctly. Incidentally, this is what drove me to start listening on my headphones with my Discman, which went a long way toward turning me into a headphile.


My first truly decent stereo was the second one I posted a picture of, along with a pair of those infamous Insignia bookshelf speakers everybody was buying. There was also a turntable, but its cartridge had lost its needle, and the entire thing disappeared a long time ago, long before I was interested in this stuff. I have no idea what happened to it--I can only imagine it was just given away and forgotten about. :( The Kenwood was given to me in the summer of 2010.


I've actually never had a large scale stereo of my own. We had one in the family room (from the 80s BPC era of Pioneer), but we gave it away when we renovated the house almost 15 years ago. I don't remember anything about it except that it had giant floorstanding speakers and that it sounded pretty amazing when I was seven.

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So - you gonna let us in on the secret of what speakers you bought??

With speakers, the room is critical. Put them in a good room and sit at the right spot, then enjoy the much greater sense of space and location of the instruments.



I Shall indeed, i bought some Monitor Audio RX6's I don't know how much they are in the US.. i think the $1200-1500 area.


they are £800 in the UK.


They please me :>

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Originally Posted by Cakensaur View Post

I Shall indeed, i bought some Monitor Audio RX6's I don't know how much they are in the US.. i think the $1200-1500 area.

they are £800 in the UK.

They please me :>


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Wait. guys. what's the theme? Looks like old pictures

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Wait. guys. what's the theme? Looks like old pictures

Occult October!!
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