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Originally Posted by Argyris View Post


Reminds me a bit of some of the stuff you could get off the special red menu at the one Chinese (now Chinese and Japanese) restaurant near my house. Of course that was ages ago and the "authentic menu" is no longer offered (though I'm sure if you know what to ask for, they'll bring it to you).

Do they have century eggs? very_evil_smiley.gif

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Do they have century eggs? very_evil_smiley.gif


I actually don't know whether they did or not. That was a long time before I would have heard of them, and none of the menu items had descriptions. They must have figured if you didn't know what it was, you probably shouldn't have been ordering it.


I miss what that place used to be. After the Japanese portion came in, they eventually revamped the entire menu so that it only had the typical, Americanized dishes. Even the normal (green) menu before that point had some stuff I've never seen anywhere else.

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The opposite had happened at the restaurant my parents had worked in. Due to the massive influx of mainlanders, the quaint little sushi bar had to accommodate for more "universalized" dishes. Now mind you, we're chinese so it wasn't like we had to learn anything new. However the owner was not.

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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Lotus root soup is good stuff! My grandmother used to make it all the time during family dinners.

Is that a horseshoe crab?
Sour melon soup was another favorite... A great restaurant, all the locals ate there so you knew it was good. Not a stitch of English to be found anywhere, learned to eat with chopsticks very quickly and they would put the pot of soup right on the table next to the tea pot. I worked with quite a few Chinese guys doing electronics repair and we would go there for lunch once a week. One of the techs said "I order for you" with this big grin on... I told him if he ordered me eyeballs or endtrails or any other nastyness I'd sic the immigration on him, all in good fun of course. Those were some very enjoyable meals at this little BBQ restaurant.

They actually had the horseshoe crabs hanging in the window on display, and some fish wrapped in leaves. I inquired as to what they were like to my tech buddy, he said "Taste like leaves..." so we never enjoyed any of those.

That is one thing that I do miss about Toronto was the incredible multiculturalism, so many great foods.
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I realize it not to be a competition, but you haven't even seen multicultural when it comes to Vancouver. 


There was a stall where they were selling beef testicles and other unmentionables today. 

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^ New avatar, I see. But I liked the other one better! frown.gif


Beef testicles do not sound appetizing in the least. I guess I'm a bit odd with food, though. I'd happily try something like snake, which I know a lot of people would find just the thought of gross. But testicles and brains and tripe and that sort of stuff are where I draw the line.

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I like the old one as well. Nothing beats Eureka except maybe Mist. Maybe.

But things get old and I get embarassed when I stare at my own avatar for too long. I've uploaded 8-9 more new ones which I'll be switching from each time I log on, up until September comes. BB's idea on the superhero thing inspired it.


Snake tastes like very gamey eel to me, just a tad bit more springy and what with the flavor and all, it's almost like they infused chicken into the meat. The part where I lived didn't have much snake - thank goodness for that.

Another thing comes to mind - it's curious how I've never picked up Minnan after being exposed to it for so long.

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In the West, they are known as "Rocky Mountain Oysters"

There is also a restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA that is famous for their "turkey Nuts" - which are exactly what you think they are...
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Your western ways are too great and mystical oh great one. Quickly we must abscond to thy hallowed land of Ritz Crackers and Big Macs.

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What is that fangled contraption? Popped kettles of thy yellowed cob? But alas we've had at those for ages.

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Neither eat or like the stuff in RL. Just on the side line, following the conversation... and blasting some Cherry Boom (Taiwan) on the iPod.

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Well don't look at me I get paper cuts in my mouth from the thing. Just wanted to brag about how we beat ya to the punch yet again....very_evil_smiley.gif

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wink.gif I'm ok wit dat. I've adopted one of the most brilliant designs ever - the Gaiwan.

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It is beautiful. Why you been holding out on us my good silentilton. Just because you offer us plastic wrap and burgers you'd think we'd be appeased? The audience demands organic-infused-beverage holding ceramics.

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