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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

If you know what you're going into, it seems to really something else technology-wise. I never followed it much, but the word has always been that they were doing some really great stuff.

:thumb: Um...no, I have no idea! Much of what I encounter with the .nix stuff (and Haiku) is new and/or different. Not well versed but that is my aim. Gonna know this stuff at some point.

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By the by, any new things in your stationary world?


Jetpens got in some tiny bottles of the Iroshizuku inks.


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No new money or purchases in the stationary world. But I absolutely love my Iroshizuku inks! :wink: 


Yeah, cute size. Got any thing new in the stationary world?

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They're very expensive locally, apart from sample vials the only bottle I have is Kosumosu (the bright pink). Got it on a lark.


I'm not a big ink spender. Generally I just leave pens inked with Bleu Nuit if I don't plan on cleaning them out (have a 100ml bottle). Herbin is fairly accessible locally so that's my fun ink - I like all of their colors - a bit dilute, pastel-y, but pleasant, and extremely well-behaving. Right now I'm enjoying Orange Indien, Violette Pensee, and Eclat de Saphir. Diamine is a pretty economical buy here so i have a few for mixing. And a lot more bottles of other brands here and there, but not in frequent rotation.


In terms of pens no purchases here either, apart from this cute little thing and some Skyline Sports. Almost sprang for a Volex on Rinkya a few months back, but the shipping logistics kept me at bay.

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I like my inks FRESH....      :blink:


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To Fresh Ink! thumbsup.gif

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I recently bought a bottle of R&K Salix and a converter to ink up one of my calligraphy pens. I like it a lot. It's well behaved on the page--no bleed through or feathering to speak of, even on cheap notebook paper--and it flows nicely out of the pen. None of the samples I looked at online conveyed the color well, though, because it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Being an iron gall ink, the color changes from brilliant blue to a more faded, grayish hue after about 30 seconds. I was surprised at how much of the blue remained, though--I was definitely expecting more of a slate color.

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Colours aside, it sounds like a really capable ink.

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Is that all ink-lusive,,,,?

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Don't get too fresh...


Dig blue-blacks, dig Salix. There's a big R&K hole in the collection that I should get to filling. Always wanted get Scabiosa (no, not that!). Also, lacking in De Atramentis - some really nice looking colors in that lineup.


Any new pens for Ms. Sasaki lately?

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Looks really pretty.

Reminds me of the Pilot S20. Don't have the red one anymore.

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Jaundiced July ready to take the lead       

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Jaundiced July is tanking badly

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