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IEM recommendations for my circumstances

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Been reading, reading and reading some more smily_headphones1.gif

My rig is:

iPhone 4 with highest quality files for music
JDS labs c421 with 2227 opamp

Main headphones:
Sennheiser hd25's

Shure se215
Hisound crystal

Everything is sorted apart from the IEM's really. I love the sound of both and prefer the fit of the hisounds - after much use I cannot get on with over ears (only my opinion).

I'll be certainly keeping the hisounds as love the small form, comfort and fit.

But I'm after the next step up if possible, if there is such a thing?

Ideally I'd like:

Similar size - but not essential
Not compulsory over-ear fitting (so can be worn down)
Quick and easy to insert
Very comfy
Preference to smaller ear-bud? Size if possible
Good for using straight from iPhone 4 or better still with amp
Must be good for edm/dance music (but not bass heavy)

My shortlist:

Phona audeo 022 or 112
Fischer audio sba03
Jvc hxt90

Any other pointers or suggestions?

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Phonak PFE 122's are nice. I had to sell mine due to circumstances a while back but they're soo good (and unbelievably comfortable even for small ears) that I am considering getting them now!. They will not quite have the bass for dance music if you like to feel like you're punched in the head!!!  but MORE than enough to keep you smiling. They're crystal clear, excellent build and come with a decent pouch.


I preferred the silicone tips as complys recess the highs too much and they do sound v.good on these. Personally the next step up is the UE700's probably which are equally as good with imho better separation. They're tiny too so maybe add that to your comparison.

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Well since I listen to the music you do and I also am not a bass head I say the Ortofon e-Q5 would be perfect.  I don't know if you'd call them small but I think they are and the SQ is great.  Natural bass response that has good impact and depth but not over powering the rest of the frequencies.  The mids and highs are very detailed with the mids maybe being a bit forward but over all they're quite balanced imo and the highs are crisp with good sparkle and aren't harsh.  Soundstage is above average in width and depth along with good imaging and separation, all in all its a great IEM and very good with electronic music imo.

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I hate the fact that I read a lot of good about the ortofones! Im stuck between those and the Sony XBA-4's (which idiot decided to use a J cord instead of Y?? - That's another rant for another thread).


On a serious note, one little clarification: when I say the Phonak PFE's bass is not that impactful; what I mean is that is is fine for 90% of people except nutters and bassheads. From my inventory I will admit to having a basshead side and that considered the PFE's did not leave me missing too much as they are very well rounded. I missed them when they went and are the most comfortable phones I've used. I will also say that at the current price the UE700's are better value.

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Bit of an update/bump on old thread....

A few changes have followed since the original post. I now have an 80gb ipod video (5.5gen) which has been compact flash modded smily_headphones1.gif - this will also be having the direct to line out and internal caps fitted early next year

I have now sold the sennheiser and decided I will solely use iem's from now on, as good as the sennheiser are/were I found myself always reaching for iem's.

I currently only have jvc 80's, have tried:

Shure se215
Hisound audio crystal
Yamaha eph100's

I am most certainly in the hunt for iem's up to £150 (absolutely no higher than this)

They must be an ideal match for the gear I use and my taste in tunes, I also prefer a slightly warmer sound, or fairly balanced - most certainly not forward treble

I would also prefer a down fit as well, part of the reason for selling the shures was the over ear fit.

My short list:

Vsonic gr01
Atrios mg5
Acs t15
Jvc 90's

I did like the yamaha best out of what I've had/tried so looking for a similar sound but up the tier so to speak smily_headphones1.gif

Any ideas or suggestions?
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The GR01, GR07 willbe better pick because they offers warm balanced soundsignature and detailed mids, highs not forward and deep punchy bass with fairly wide soundstage.

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thanks for the pointers


am i right in thinking a dynamic driver would be better suited to assist with the lower end frequencies in my music tastes/choices?


my jvc80's will be my "back up pair" of IEM's so certainly looking for something a few rungs up the ladder


is there any feedback on the fischer amps fa2 - these look quite nice :) - however i'm not sure they would be best suited to EDM???


my short list is still pretty much as above in post 5 and I would certainly like to avoid over the ear if possible


I have been looking at the klipsch image x10 - these seem well regarded but need to be "babied" due to build quality?? - mine (unless in use) would be kept well cared for in a case etc when not in use & as long as carefully removed when not in use they would be ok and suite my genre's??


many thanks

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