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Nuforce or Headroom (or other)?

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Hi, everyone.


I'm new to this forum so I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked before (I tried searching first though).


I have a $500 budget so I would to ask people's opinion. I would like to buy a DAC/amp for my iPhone (and maybe my computer) to use with my two headphones, AKG 550 and AKG Q701.


Should I get a Nuforce iDo (just for the iPhone), a Nuforce HDP or a Headroom amp? Are there other (better) options at this price range?



I have a diverse taste but I listen mostly to classical music, rock and world music.


I see how people seem to adore Nuforce HDP. Should I get one with a S/PDIF adapter for the iPhone?



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Well when using amps like the Nuforce HDP with the spdif it can be done and usually it will bypass the internal dac and well play high quality files ALAC if that's what you want to do but usually you do need a spdif to sdpif for it to really even work. Best thing for you to do is to get a high quality ALO LOD cable it costs 150 i believe, it's all made of cooper, and look into ibasso, the Fiio E17, i am going to get that soon, look into this also, http://www.head-fi.org/products/leckerton-audio-uha-6s-mkii, you can also take a look at this too. 

http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-VAMP-Headphone-Amplifier-Battery/dp/B008801ZFS/ref=sr_1_15?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1349598928&sr=1-15&keywords=iphone+amplifier I also have been listening on and off to classical and world music really been trying to broaden my horizon of artists of music that i have been missing out a lot. 

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Thanks for the response, mrgeek. Is FiiO E17 in the same category of Nuforce HDP?


I have been thinking and maybe it is better to disconsider iDo since it can only be used with Apple devices. What if I decide to go with another phone in the near future or what if Apple changes the interfaces (software or hardware)?


Thanks again!

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Well Apple already change the interface adapter with the iphone 5 it's a lighting based now, so the lod is now obsolete for the new phone but don't worry audio manufacturers will accommodate of course. No the Fiio E17 is not in the same range of the HDP, they are completely different, if you do consider to change to a android device say like a galaxy SIII or a HTC onex, or xs you can get a amp/dac, or a amp for 200 bucks a nice dac to use with your computer with a gold quarter inch adapter you can use for better sound, what headphones do you currently have right now? Sadly i don't have all the answers, please refer to this website they price ranges just for about anything a person is considering to buy headfonia.com, and also since your into classical music please check out Jackie Evancho she has such a wonderful soprano voice it's amazing that she is only in her early 20s.Get yourself some 24 bit by 9600hertz classical tunes with your new dac whenever you get it anyway, and those classical tunes will shine and sound amazing!  

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I have an iPhone 5. The lightening adapter is for the phone end, the other end is still a regular type A USB connector. Still, does anyone know if nuforce iDo supports iPhone 5 (software wise)?

I have two headphones, AKG Q701 and AKG K550. I also have a Shure SE420.

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