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It seems as if my only conventional solution for everyday use is either some very high end headphones or a pair of gaming headset. confused_face_2.gif I am a very picky person when it comes to buying stuff and I intend of making them last. I have read lots of posts and reviews and decided to join and make my argument on what I think is missing. 




I have owned some very sucky unmentionable pairs and very few decent when it comes to headphones. I currently have a pair of Bose earplugs which appeal to me but are not the best and do not mix to my lifestyle. I have a big big head, ride long-board listen to music ranging from dub-step to pop and from bro step to .. well other high pitched crazy stuff so I am pretty well rounded day by day. I still feel more like a bass-head since I tend to resist the impacts on heavy bass pretty well.


I carry around my cellphone and I hate having to pull it to my ear every time (here's the crazy important part) but won't settle for some crackling headset for $20. SO ...




It has come to my attention that when asking or giving reviews people under-mind the mic and controls accessories unless it is included and compare such to non-mic'ed pairs that seem to defeat my intentions. Looking for headphones that can go from mobile phone use to amazing and astounding pieces of audio headphones has been deceiving and unfruitful.


For such reasons I come to you awesome all knowing people on the interwebz! I have researched, found and tried most Skull-candy headphones but they just come short on bass but the worst part for me are the mids. I went to Worst Buy to check the Koss Prodj200 and either they where fully torn or they just have a thin muddy (kinda like a snapping feel)  to the bass and it just felt grainy on my ear so I tried getting the staff to open a pair for me to try convinced that the demo's where defect or worn out, but they declined. Others I've looked at include the Denon AH-D310r and 510r and seem pretty decent but not enough and the plastic just kills it. I would definitely try going with the Koss just for the full metal frame.The Denon D400's had me pretty shocked since it has so many great feature, but the mind popping price tag just does not cut it when I consider the use I'll give them. I looked over almost every good brand to see their variety and came to a stop pretty soon after since variety is limited when looking for such things.So now I'm stuck searching for a replacement for some headphones I never bought and don't seem to be getting anywhere for now.


My budget come to $150-180 at most. I know, I know; not much to work with. But it is a start for some decent bass heavy mobile compatible headphones. And I am really REALLY hoping to get some good insight to what I should do or which I should buy given that these are not as common and not as good as the average pair in most cases. Just reply and gimme your best options and I'll go over them.




It seems that my audio hungry ears took the best of me.. I just bought the V-MODA V-100.... ERGAHERD right? They look great, custom-ability is awesome. Specs and features are just outstanding and unmatched at the $300 price tag. The Folding method had me the second I saw it, it should be great for portability while riding.

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