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I'm looking at either the Denon AH-D7100, Sennheiser HD 700 or Grado PS1000, which is the most balanced and detailed? - Page 2

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After less than 20 hours burn-in D7100 sounds already very good with the thin mobile cable straight from AK120. At this stage quite similar, but slightly more detailed and bigger soundstage than ATH-A900XLTD with same source. (Latest Paul Simon 96/24). I think I will be very happy with D7100.

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If you've never had it or never really tried other headphones you will stick to what you think it's the best headphone.


I had these headphones except PS1000, and I will rank them as following.


PS1000 > HD700 > D7100.


D7100 is not in the same league as other two, people who are coming from Dr Dre or any mid-fi headphone will probably think it's the best headphone but in my word, it's simply weird and disgusting to listen to, I am being serious here. Get D600 if you are really into new Denon's line.


You have such a big gap in terms of the price of these headphones.

I will personally get HD800 instead of HD700, HD700 is made with really cheap materials, PS1000 is over priced, altho I really love PS1000, if you can get PS1000 under $1200 it's definitely a bargain.


And trust me, D7100 is really really bad headphone (please see other threads from more experienced audiophile guys).

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People seem to either love or hate D7100.


I am coming from Hifiman HE-6, HE500, HE400 (all of which I still own and use in addition to a number of Audio Technicas, Sonys, Beyers, Sennheisers and AKG's plus half a dozen IEM's that I use for different purposes, including audio recording, mixing, mastering quality control, fun and travel), and based on my 40 years´ experience with professional audio and high-end Hi-Fi, all I am saying is that D7100 is better than some people believe.


I am not saying that it competes with HD800, LCD 2, or top of the line Hifimans, but these are all OPEN headphones as well as currently significantly more expensive. D7100 was obviously originally too expensive when it came out and many people compared it to the Fostex-equipped old Denons, and many said it was a downgrade from D7000, even if some said it is actually better. It is easy to understand now that it was probably overpriced and did not offer the value for money the previous generation Denons had.


For a CLOSED hp at current UK prices it is actually quite enjoyable and gives serious run for the money for some great closed Audio Technicas (of which I own 3 different models). I have not compared D7100 with Fostex TH900 or TH600, but TH900 is still 3 x more than D7100 now on sale in the UK and TH600 almost twice as expensive. I am personally very interested in TH900, but for the time being I cannot justify buying another expensive closed headphone.


Personally, being into jazz, World music and anything alternative, I have always been intrigued by an underdog, and after finding enough positive feedback on D7100 from Japan, where D7100 is still available around its original high price, I decided to gamble and buy it for 400 English pounds. So far, I am quite impressed. It is not (at least, not yet) my preferred hp for serious audiophile listening at home or work, where I have Hifimans and proper amplification. But for mobile, it offers significant benefits compared to even HE-400: it is lightweight, sounds pretty good straight from a MacBook, iPod Classic or AK120 and it is closed. It also feels less fragile and is easier to pack than ATH-A900XLTD.


Anyway, I still prefer listening to vinyls on my modded Oracle Delphi IV, Leben tube pre & amp and Ensemble Figura speakers, with cables probably costing more than all my headphones together:)


Listening now on D7100 from AK120 while writing: Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concerts in HD.

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Since three weeks I am an owner of the AH-D7100. For over 30 years I have owned AKG's, Senheiser's, Stax and Grados (325 & GS1000). Despite a lot of negativity spread over the Denon, I am convinced that it has a very, very strong position in the Reference catagory. Ok, ok, we all have our own preference and taste, but looking at the overall package, built and sound quality, the "experts" should just accept that this well thought design deserves a fair judgement. I listen to rock, pop, classical, jazz and this headphone does it all... Very good. For me the best alrounder ever. Enjoying the music, that's what it's all about, right? No myth, just a well thought design built in China. For me a 10/10.
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Yes, definitely a great all rounder and since some 9 months definitely my favorite closed headphone. I have been using it at home more than any other pair recently. Sounds great straight from a MacBook Air and amazing through Audioquest Dragonfly. Was a bit bass heavy before proper burn-in (maybe that and the Beats style design caused some of the early criticism), but is now very balanced and clean sounding. I am mostly using AH-D7100 now at home in the evenings for checking final mixes and 24-bit audio files coming from the mastering plant, so I do not need to wait to go to the office and plug in to the Schiit Bifrost/Lyr combo that I use for driving my Hifiman set there.

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I am glad to find some positive comments about D7100 from experienced audiophiles and sound engineering professionals.


I just picked up a pair of D7100. They were pre-owned and have been properly burnt-in. My initial impression was that they sounded fantastic, very open and detailed. I couldn't go back to listen to my lower tiered headphones anymore. (Momentum sounded so closed in and nasal in comparison.) I am very pleased with my purchase. 

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