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UM3X Troubles

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Hey guys, completely new here. I have had a pair of UM3Xs for about 3 years now, and recently, the black part which you insert into your ear-canal broke off the main clear plastic housing and I carelessly lost it. 


I was wondering if there is any way I can buy a replacement for that somewhere. I don't want to pay the 160$ for reshelling, I just need that small plastic part or some alternative. I've been stuffing it up my ear the last few times I've used it, but there is no isolation, and the sound is terrible.  If you guys have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Maybe contact Westone about it? They might be able to swing you an offer of some kind, even if you're out of warranty.

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Could do a reshell, though that would mean forking out for impressions.

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I would get ahold of Westone and see what they can do for you, they hve pretty good CS

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