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I'm having some trouble right now with Winamp and Winamp Pro for Android. I just purchased Winamp Pro for Android so I could put FLAC's on my phone (I use it for a lot of home listening to IEMs). My phone is a Droid 4 with Ice Cream Sandwich on it (4.0.4), my computer's Winamp is v.5.63. Ice Cream Sandwich supports FLAC as an audio format, and that is what all of my files are in. I have tried both wireless and wired syncs for this; every time I attempt to transfer my library to my phone, I get told the music is in "an incompatible format". Winamp Pro for Android supports FLAC playback. So why will none of my music transfer and how could I fix it? I looked to the Winamp site, I came across the Winamp for Android FAQ which wasn't helpful for ****. They don't have any technical support emails that I could find whatsoever. So I'm hoping someone here can help. Please and thanks! -Failuyr