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I've heard many people mention that the recording and mastering restrictions on movie soundtracks typically turn out much higher quality music than your typical recordings, where whoever is mastering may participate in the loudness war. Apparently, if a movie is to be THX certified, recordings are not allowed to be made louder in such a way that quality is lost. I'm not sure if it's 100% true, so perhaps someone could confirm this? 

In my experience, though, I've found that movie soundtracks typically *are* higher quality recordings. I've seen clipping or other audible traces of the loudness war when comparing a song in a movie soundtrack to the song in its original album released by the artist. The album always seems to be lower quality, and the songs just don't sound as epic...



Any opinions on this? 



Also, What other Soundtracks would you guys recommend? 


Soundtracks that I love: 

Gladiator Soundtrack

The Avengers Soundtrack

TimeScapes Soundtrack

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack



What other ones should I look out for, and add to my collection? beyersmile.png