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Did anybody here "switch" from speakers to headphones? - Page 3

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I prefer decent speakers in an acoustically decent room to headphones...... Generally speaking anyway. College is what got me into headphones, honestly.... listening to music on speakers doesn't always seem to work out so well with having a roommate O.o

+ dorm room speaker placement options, ect.... are rather limited.
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 I bought the Auralex risers as well and they were a big help. I also installed some sound dampening window shades which also darken my living room. I have a plasma TV so darkening is necessary. The combination of the risers and the shades have made a huge difference. The cops haven't been here since!

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I think I might be the only one here to have come from car audio lol

While I have not "switched", I am done spending on my car for a while. But I still enjoy my car's stereo quite a lot.

The thing with speakers is that it is much more complex - and much more expensive. In car audio you have to deal with resonances, reflections, off-axis positioning, different distances between speakers... I can continue this list all day long, but in short: IT'S A REAL NIGHTMARE.

As far as home audio goes, I haven't spent beyond desktop speakers. And no more than $50 haha. I just don't want to get into room conditioning. Perhaps in the distant future, but right now no thank you!! I think I'll stick to my dear phones for home and office use smily_headphones1.gif
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By the way, if you want some real great bang for the buck performance in home speakers, go magnetic planar!! Magnepanar's MG20's are exceptional and "only" cost around $750 (as I recall). The thing is they need a really good amp / receiver to really shine!!
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