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Swan D1010 IV vs M-Audio AV40

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I am looking to buy 2.0 speakers for my laptop, mostly for TV and music. Budget is less than $200 and I have limited desk space so the smaller the better (no room for a subwoofer). So far I've narrowed down my search to these two:


Swan D1010 IV


M-Audio AV40


Both have similar size and price. I've read a lot about the AV40 but haven't heard much on the D1010 IV.


I've never had good speakers before: currently have cheap Logitechs. Any opinions?

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I just got the slightly larger D1080MkII 08, and if it's any indication of what can be expected from the D1010, go for the Swan over the M-Audio. Listened to the AV40 fed by a USB interface at a local pro audio store and the sound was too lean for my tastes, given it was running off (as I assume) a reasonably good source already.

I started looking at speakers because when I'm working at home, the climate isn't conducive for headphones until it's night when it's cold enough that I don't sweat all over the $60-ish earpads. I got to listen to the D1080MkII when the distributor finally brought them in, but had to wait for non-demo stock at the dealer near me. Nearly backed out when they did because of some recent medical expenses and tried to go for the S3W but in the end I decided I might be better off dipping into my reserve cash if I get something that while not transportable and more vulnerable to water and termites will at least save me from a bout of upgraditis.


Once I hooked it up any regret about spending my reserve cash on it just disappeared as I played track after track to test; I just have it hooked up to my Acer AS5560-8480 laptop.* Imaging was a lot better than when I tried my older standmounts as nearfield speakers, and in some tracks with voices cutting in and out it got kind of creepy (and it wasn't like I wasn't used to speakers, given the set-up in my car). Midrange to treble is for the most part neutral; bass is a bit weak but I wasn't expecting to rock my windows off playing Hed Kandi or for Motley Crue and Deftones to knock me on the chest with the bass drum - there's just enough there and with my desk right now it helps that vibrations are traveling through it to emphasize the bass 'feel.' If anything, moving another foot or so away from the speakers enhances the bass impact with no penalty on the other freqs, but I'm getting my library renovated** and that includes a completely new, 2.0 audio desk in there so the imaging and response might still improve.


Expect the D1010 to be a bit like that with less bass. I think for the most part they're the smaller version of these.



*Which, for a laptop, had semi-decent speakers; but it was no match for the noise the rain makes when the water hits the roof

**Why I seriously considered the S3W - rain went through the aging roof and ceiling, as if last year's termites weren't bad enough. My books $^#*$^&^$#&^$*(@&#(!!! and now I'm gambling on wood enclosures.

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