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For Sale: ***SOLD*** Headamp Aristaeus Electrostats Amplifier ***SOLD***

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For Sale:
***SOLD*** Headamp Aristaeus Electrostats Amplifier ***SOLD***

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Brand: Headamp

Model: Aristaeus 


You can use BOTH Sennheiser electrostats headphones and ALSO Stax electrostats headphones. Both connections are available on this amplifier.SEE LAST PIC for details.


Nothing much to explain here. This is a top-of-the-line rare electrostat amplifier 


Condition: Currently only 17 units exist,  and the one I am selling is S/N 11. Excellent condition, with no problems at all and no scratches on the AMP unit. The only minor issue I see is the power supply unit has a minor scratch because the Amplifier unit was sitting on top of power supply unit, and since the amplifier unit has those spike heels in the bottom..... you get a minor scratch on the power supply. This scratch is very minor and only located on the power supply unit which usually sits in the bottom or bottom shelf of a rack ( you will never need to look at power unit, therefore this minor scratch is pointless). You can  easily take the scratch off in any shop or just request Justin.


Just wanted to put that detail, since I am usually very picky when it comes to condition. Feel free to ask any questions as I would be more than happy to help.


If you have Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 then you should try this amp because it truly allows it to reach its Maximum Potential. Look up reviews for Orpheus HE90 and you will notice Aristaeus is the only one recommended. Only 17 units exist in the world and they are hard to come by. Aristaeus is a better amp than HEV90. Read all the reviews on Head-fi and you will see only Aristaeus gets mentioned when you hear HE90.


Please Note: Please note that if you place an order for a BRAND new unit, then you will have to wait for 6-12 months (Anyone who has ordered from Justin at Headamp will know that his 3 months wait time means 6-12 months in actual reality), but my unit is ready to be shipped for immediate delivery (no wait time) and plus you get it at a good price  (Saves you money!! and your time!!)


This will cost around $4500 for Brand New (with  minimum wait time of 6-12 months) , but my "Fair" and "Firm" price is:

$4095  reduced ---> $3850

$3850  reduced ---> $3695

$3695  reduced ---> $3500 AND you get it immediately AND Price includes FREE shipping, CONUS (only). 

(I can not go any lower. I will keep it if it does not sell at this price. Price has stayed at $3500 for last one month and there is a lot of interest, but $3500 is firm. First one to pay takes it!)





Paypal: Buyer agrees to pay 3% fees OR send as a gift to avoid fees




My Feedback: Hopefully the following should put you at ease


Old Feedback: (Over 10 feedbacks) http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/453589/codescripted


Ebay Feedback: (1034 Feedbacks) http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=codescripted

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This amp is begging to be bought...

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Pretty impressed but need to think about it.. hope it can find a new home..

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I'd buy this if I could sell my HEV-90...

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I really would like to purchase that nice amp, but living in Europe with another voltage seems to me make this complex. How easy is this for changing the voltage?
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Hi Echo01,


I am not sure regarding how easy it is, but Justin at Headamp can change it for a small fee. Or you can use a voltage converter, as long as you can draw enough power (watts) for the power supply unit. Several cost effective ways to work around it.

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Yes, Justin did that for me on my Aristaeus, wasn't expensive and really fast. No problem there at all. Can't believe that amp is still unsold...eek.gif   IMHO, the 009 sound fabulous on it...

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Thank you Pachku, I appreciate your input regarding power supply voltage change and getting it done by Justin.


Also I know from personal experience in past, that if Justin does something like battery change or Voltage change, then he does that extremely fast (Super fast turn around with no delay). 

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