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Buying headphones is Paris, budget 250 euro

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i'm new here :) someone recommended me this forum.


A friend of mine is currently in Paris and he wants to buy a good headphones,

his budget is 250 euro. 

He is a musician so the quality is very important for him.


He has found the beats studio for 250 euro, is it the best choice for this amount of money ?




Thank you !

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I've never heard the Beats.  However, I have never heard anything good about how they sound, given how much they cost.  


Does your friend want headphones for portable use?  Would he consider in ear monitors (IEM)?  Will he  play these right out of his iPod etc....?  Is style somewhat important.? 

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Beats != quality

Stay away from beats if quality is what you're after.
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Here are some ideas.


If your friend does not mind wearing headphones that look like he just stepped out of the recording studio

he might consider AKG K 550.  I'm very fond of the AKG K 702, but they are more expensive and require

an amp.  I like the clarity of AKGs.  And I understand the K 550s have better bass compared to their 

big brother.  That would be a good thing.


Smaller and more street friendly, he might consider the Beyerdynamic DT 1350.  Very portable


If he would like to seem more stylish that everyone else wearing Beats, then I'm very fond of 

Phiaton MS 400 appearance.  I've read several encouraging reviews but have not heard them

myself. Some say it is a very smooth sound and comfortable for long periods.


If IEMs may be considered, then Etymotic ER-4S offer (possibly) unrivaled isolation and very clear sound.

Some find that these do not have enough bass... but I really like them.  For a fuller sound

look at the Shure SE425.  I've listened to these and liked them -- and can understand why almost

everyone would like them, but there was something I very much liked about the sound delivery

with the etymotic brand, so I went in that direction.


If he wanted very portable, over the head style of headphones, and wanted to spend just a little

bit more, then the Sennheiser HD25 Amperior would be an excellent choice.  Lightweight, good style,

and excellent sound.  Super portable.

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Thank you all for the recommendations !


I will forward it to my friend.

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Sony MDRV6 or Brainwavz HM5.

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