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For source: sony android z music player, colorfly c3, hisoundaudio:rocoo ba,n1,n3.
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No problem helping a fellow headfier just like me who is in search for audio nirvana smily_headphones1.gif, just please make sure you burn them in for 300 hrs with fast heavy bass track on full volume on your portable source smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by Nyanman View Post

Hmmm I was thinking of another option as I'm becoming anti-apple :$

^ yeah even though apple makes good products i am never going to buy anything from them ever again based on principles not $$$. One ipod classic and that's all they are gonna get from me, good thing i found a free ipod nano while playing Bball at the gym. hoho cool.gif


Also itunes sucks @ss is another reason why. biggrin.gif

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My favorite player is my studio 3rd anv from hisoundaudio smily_headphones1.gif
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Have over 300 hrs of burn on them now and I must say these things impress me everyday. 

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Yes they truely are an impressive iem smily_headphones1.gif , if you can try to hit 500hr on burnin time they will still keep getting better.
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Two Weeks Journey Into The Heart Of Dat Biocellulose Darkness: VSonic GR07 Bass Edition.



Warning: Trollish Material Click With Extreme Caution. : P (Click to show)


Let me get this out of the way before I get into more formal impressions. These GR07 BEs had not been within my radar as a likely purchase in any way whatsoever. I was aware of the GR07 BE thread along with other VSonic fan threads such as the original GR07 but had never really given it much thought due to its cheap looking design. The fact that they are made AND designed in China by a Chinese company did not help with the appeal at all. I was always eyeing the next hyped brandname product and what's bigger than JVCs 3X dynamic FXZ200s with that Kelton sub woofer am I right??? More on this later.


Long story short, WAYNE purchased these GR07 BEs and PMed me regarding how amazing they were and that I needed to check them out ASAP. I was like meng, I ain't got no time to mess with cheapo Chinese designed stuff, I am a serious audiophile here. biggrin.gif My eyes were locked and loaded on those popular ATH CKN70s as well as those formerly popular JVC FXZ200s. I still wanted to know what the hype was all about regarding the FXZ200s and if they were my "end all" IEMs. For me there are certain aspects of the FXZ200s that lived up to their hype while the others had fallen short, and you can read my impressions of them along with the ATH CKN70s here.


WAYNEs constant onslaught regarding that amazing "organic biocellulose bass" of these GR07 BEs eventually took a toll on me. I was like what the hell is all this "ORGANIC" bass hoopla WAYNE be harping on and on about, it was obvious the dood had drank too much of that unfiltered kool-aid from those fan threads. The head pusher of these GR07 BEs, mochills constant spamming regarding how these cheapo lookin' GR07 BEs are better than JVCs FXZ200 didn't help either - rather, they had gotten me even more curious. We are all aware of mochill's track record on IEM comparisons so I am not even gonna' go there. Nonetheless all this culminated hype had a detrimental affect on my curiosity.  I eventually broke down, so like a tool I had to beg atomik to see if he was willing to let me audition his GR07 BEs once eke was done with it. Since atomik felt that ekey boi didn't do that great of a job comparing the original GR07s to his GR07 BEs, he felt it was necessary to send it over to me to do a real write-up.tongue_smile.gif Atomik green-lit my audition of these GR07 BEs after a long interrogation process, so his GR07 BEs eventually took a little detour and got into my dirty lil' hands.


Before these GR07 BEs arrived I specifically asked atomik and eke how much burn-in they had put into them. To my dismay atomik's respond was that he only had them for a week and had already sent it out to eke for his comparisons (what a selfless guy right). To add to the horror eke told me that he had only put like 50 hours of burn-in before it got to me. eek.gif I was hoping for a well broken in pair with at least 200 hours of burn-in, but sadly that was not the case.



                               Main Feature


Built/ Design/ Comfort/ Ergonomics:



Warning: If Not Interested Don't Click. (Click to show)


Built/ Design/ Comfort/ Ergonomics:


Note that the set of GR07 BEs that I had auditioned did not come with any stock tips so all my listening was done with the Sony MH1Cs medium tips.


The VSonic GR07 Bass Edition have a really unique design in that the nozzle is adjustable, so during insertion they can be situated where you want them to be. This 360 degrees swivel joint is a really unique little feature which I have yet to see implemented in any other IEM. The housing is extremely low profile due to the fact that once you get a proper fit, they sit flush in your ears and are hardly noticeable. Nothing really sticks out so they are very discrete, and like many have posted that it's so comfortable you can sleep on your sides while wearing them.


These GR07 BEs are really comfortable to wear once you get the hang of them - that is, becoming familiar with how to handle the over-ears design and the adjustable nozzle. Wearing IEMs over-ears might not be for everyone but this particular IEM is designed to be properly worn over-the-ears and over-the-ears only. The cables hook snugly onto the ears and the housing sits flush when placed correctly, therefore once you get a good fit there is no need to worry about it falling out of the ears. The over-ears design is a bit more troublesome if you have to constantly re-insert your IEMs, but once you get acquainted with usage they can be inserted fairly quickly.


For me the best and easiest way to wear the GR07 BEs is to do them one ear at a time: First, pull that nozzle all the way down. Afterwards, insert the nozzle tip into your ear without moving it. Lastly, hook the cable behind your ear and after the cabled is snugly hooked slowly press the housing downward into your ears so the nozzle will become naturally align with your ear making the housing sit flush and stable. This ensures that the housing fits comfortably on the ears, as well as providing a good seal. When one side is done, repeat the same steps for the other side. Proper fit makes a huge difference in sound quality for all IEMs, so experiment with the best tips and ways to insert the tips in order to get your ideal seal and sound.


These GR07 BEs also have a really nice silky-smooth textured "Y" cable that is extremely well made, along with a sturdy looking right-angled 3.5mm plug. It is one of the best IEM cables I have come across due to it's non-microphonic and tangle-free nature. Most would not have any gripes with this fantastic cable although I must add that the peppermint candy stripped color scheme might not be everyone's cup of tea. This is solely based on aesthetics so it's nothing negative in regards to the cable. Microphonics (cord noise) is little to nil due to the over-ear design, and is further minimized due to the great quality of the cable. I have worn these GR07 BEs out for a short hike during extremely windy conditions and detected little to no microphonics. Isolation is really good as well, meaning that when music is on it will block out almost everything around you, but if the music is off you can hear clearly when others are talking to you. So I would say isolation is average when music is off but is great when music is on.


Sonic Impressions: All listening were done with Sony MH1C medium size tips and "Flat" preset EQ on my ipods.




Pre Burn-in/Initial listening:  My situation was that I had received a set of pretty new GR07 BEs to audition from atomik - one that didn't have many hours of burn-in on them. When I got them I had immediately tossed them on my burn-in station for a couple of hours before I took my first listen. These GR07 BEs were indeed impressive and I posted my very favorable initial impressions of them in this thread. They sounded great with most genres due to that bold, punchy and lush bass along with sparkly mids and well extended highs. Most hip-hop and contemporary urban pop genres that I had tested all sounded great, but when I switched to indie, acoustic/live instrumental genres, I noticed that these GR07 BEs sounded REALLY flat and boring. Similar to an opened can of soda that has lost its fizz after sitting out for too long, it was as if there was no life to the instruments, despite the fact that I could hear the great instrument separation along with good mids and highs. This 180 degrees change in muscial reproduction from one genre to another caught me really off guard. I thought I had found a serious flaw with these IEMs, so immediately I PMed other head-fiers who were more knowledgeable and had also listened to and/or currently owns the GR07s, in order to confirm and cross-reference what I have heard.


The first couple of head-fiers that I had PMed also experienced this strange, "flat" sounding phenomenon.


One stated that -

"[y]our description of the GR07 BE's remind me of what I thought of the GR07's.  It sounded really good but kind of boring and flat.  I was hoping the BE's would add some spark."

 Another head-fier stated something similar -  

"[c]oming back to the gr07be/ckn70, on initial listen, they are more detailed than the 70 but after several hours, they seems to go 'flat' as you have described"
"gr07be for the well balance of all freq spectrum and natural sounds that is almost boring to a point (I still can't listen to these for long periods without noticing that the sound goes flat after about 3 hrs - due to my ears getting 'tired')." 


So I was like hmmm.... this is interesting because the GR07 BEs sure seem to be a strange sounding creature. I was somewhat glad, as well as disappointed to hear that others have had similar experiences with these GR07 BEs because I had been really hoping that these IEMs were as amazing as the fans had made them out to be. I had thought these GR07 BEs would have more potential, but sadly it also seems to be plagued by inconsistent traits such as with the JVC FXZ200s.


I had really wanted these GR07 BEs to be as amazing as others had claimed, but this serious flaw made me lose some hope. I commented about this strange "Achilles' heels" phenomenon on this thread regarding these GR07 BEs. In the face of this supposed flaw I was able to still realize what that "organic" biocellulose bass was all about. The bass on these GR07 BEs is indeed very natural sounding, whilst also have retaining a great amount of texture, albeit too restricted sounding. I also felt the same regarding the mids, because there is just this stiffness to it which makes the music sound less engaging. So I had come to the conclusion that these IEMs were ultimately quite good but it had not been as great as the others have claimed due to this "Achilles' heels" that I had stumbled upon. The GR07 BEs sound really similar to the ATH CKN70s in terms of sonic presentation, in that the mids and highs are really sparkly with lot of micro details. Not only is the bass speedy like that of the CKN70s, it is also deep, bold and powerful - much akin to that of the FXZ200s. I stated early on that these GR07 BEs were like a fusion of FXZ200s and the CKN70s and I still stand by this statement. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by such a unique blend of sonic capabilities and characteristics of the GR07 BEs as they become almost like the best of both worlds, rolled into one IEM. DAT FUSION!!!




Mid burn-in: After almost a full week of 24/7 burn-in with bass heavy tracks on max volume out of my MP3 players and laptop, the initial shortcomings of these GR07 BEs were completely addressed. The "Achilles heel" that I had noticed during my initial listening sessions no longer plague these IEMs. They have truly bloomed into a set of very competent and versatile IEMs that does justice to all musical genres, not only with style but with flare as well. From urban contemporary to indie-folk/pop-acoustic genres the GR07 BEs just renders everything so beautifully due to micro-3D nuances presented everywhere along with a greatly textured and lush low end. I realized this change one night when I had taken them off my laptop burn-in station before I had plugged them into my MP3 player for further overnight burn-in. I sneaked a peek and noticed immediately that the same flat sounding albums that were putting me to sleep earlier that exact afternoon, even when amped, had begun to sound a lot more lively and 3D due to an increase in soundstage.


Burn-in seemed to had opened up and widened the soundstage which was immediately noticeable due to the music suddenly sounding as if it was presented in a much grander scale. Along with the increase in soundstage, acoustic instruments became a lot more upfront and suddenly you could hear every little micro detail from each and every instrument. The overall sound is a lot more coherent and cohesive due to it being rendered in a more lively way.  This sudden change took me by surprise because I had never expected that burning them in would yield such a dramatic change in sound - despite being told numerous times by mochill and others to not judge them before I had put in 300 hours of burn-in.  Also like eke told me before, this set of GR07 BEs already sounded pretty well broken-in. Now it looks like my prior impressions of these GR07 BEs had not been completely accurate due to the limited hours of burn-in, and that what I had heard was only a semblance of their full potential.


Post/Finalized burn-in: After burning these GR07 BEs in for almost 2 weeks straight, the transparency in the sound was what truly shocked me. Initially they sounded slightly warmish due to the bold and powerful bass emphasis, but it has turned into something almost as transparent and 3D as my CKN70s -  which might be the cleanest sounding set of IEMs I have owned to date. By transparency I mean to say that the overall sonic spectrum is very well balanced and that each region does not interfere nor bleed into one another, thereby giving you a very clean, Hi-Def and 3D type of sound. The opening up of the soundstage and the more lively rendition of live instruments greatly contributed to this sense of transparency as it made the overall sound much more engaging and seductive, no matter the musical genre.


Despite its clean and transparent sound, it is not lean sounding because there is ample weight to every note/tune due to the very well textured and bold bass that can be quite explosive when called for. After 2 weeks of burn-in the bass can still sound a bit restricted, but it has loosened up quite a lot along with the stiffness of the mids. The nuances from the micro details of the sparkly mids, the well extended and sparkly highs, along with the lush, well-textured, and bold bass of these GR07 BEs results in a very fun and engaging sound. The soundscape of these GR07 BEs makes it very easy to lose yourself completely in the music. These GR07 BEs are truly detail monsters!!! So what became of the strange "flat" sounding phenomenon I had noticed before??? Simple deduction tells me that the set of GR07s the first head-fier I contacted most likely did not have much burn-in on them, thereby resulting in their tendency to render various musical genres in a rather inconsistent way. Also from numerous follow-up PMs with the second head-fier that currently owns these GR07 BEs, the "flat" sound was the result of improper fit and seal due to the tips used and lack of knowledge regarding the unique adjustable nozzle of these GR07 BEs. LoL


Tracks and albums that I used to test these GR07 BEs with.


Warning: DAT TRACKLIST!!! (Click to show)

Some of the tracks and albums that I used to test these GR07 BEs with.


......... Stateless - "Ariel" Alternative Hip Hop/ Trip Hop. I use this track to test out the entire sonic spectrum. There is a lot of spaciousness and mico details to the beat and when there is ample and great quality bass you can here it on this track. I know this track like the back of my hand and when I hear great sounding gear this track will sound so RIGHT to me.


Weepies - "Say I Am You". This was the indie acoustic album I used to test the mids and the soundstage of these GR07 BEs. Great little emo album that is very relatable with great acoustic instruments. This album sounded REALLY flat and boring before the burn-in process, but due to the opening up of the soundstage and the loosening up of the mids, it has become much more fun and engaging to listen. Track 12 "Love Doesn't Last Too Long" and track 13 "Slow Pony Home" are great for testing soundstage for me.


Sodagreen - "What Is Troubling You" is another live instrument album I used to test out the mids and highs as well as instrument separation. This album along with the Weepies one initially sounded very lifeless and dull before burn-in, hence the "Achilles' heel" phenomenon I noticed with these GR07 BEs.  After I had burned these GR07 BEs for 2 weeks this is no longer the case because the vocals and instruments sound very lively now.


Busker Busker - " 첫사랑 " I use this track to test the forwardness of the mids as well as instrument separation. Through out the track you can hear the striking of something like the triangle which that starts at 0:33, 1:04, and 1:37 seconds, respectively.  I am bad with my instruments so forgive me here for any mis-identification. biggrin.gif  If the mids are recessed you can't really hear that striking sound that clearly. You can hear it pretty well on these GR07 BEs, so the mids gets a check here.




P'Skool's - "Daily Apartment"

I use these 2 tracks to test for bass quality and quantity. When there is great bass quality and quantity it will show up at the first couple of seconds in the beginning of these tracks. The bass sounds great with these GR07 BEs but this is where I had noticed that it is too restricted sounding, along with the stiff mids during my initial listens.


"Day and Night"


19th Step




The Quiett- "Game Theory"- I use this track to test for the sub bass on these GR07 BEs. You can easily hear how low it goes at the very beginning of this track. Sub bass is really great in quality and good in quantity with these GR07 BEs.




Last but not least is atomiks 13+ min track which I tested out with the GR07 BEs, FXZ200s and the CKN70s.


Fela Kuti- Lady



All of the above IEMs sound great with this track because it is such an amazing song. The FXZ200 sounded the most natural in regards with the instrumental rendition as well as with vocals. There is less micro details and sparkle to the mids, as well as the highs sounding less extended due to the more realistic presentation. The bass is bold and clean but there is not much texture to it. The horns on this track comes though clean and foward in the FXZ200s.


The GR07 BEs on the other hand have a lot more sparkle in the mids and highs. Vocals are well extended with a really nice touch of sparkle along with fantastic instrument separation. The are tons of mico details along with great texture in the lows so the overall sound is much more engaging and lively than that of the FXZ200s. The sound is more quick of pace as well.


The ATH CKN70 renders this track with the most speed but is the least natural sounding of the three. Although the instrument separation and 3D soundstage is amazing, they have less texture than the GR07 BEs. There are tons of micro details as well along with sparkly mids and highs, but the treble on these CKN70s have the less control when compared to the FXZ200s and GR07 BEs. The treble is close to being sibliant but not quite there yet due to the numerous SSSSSs and CCCCs, etc from the vocals, therefore the CKN70s have the most extended trebel out of these three IEMs.



Warning: Vsonic GR07 BE vs. Sony XBA3. FIGHT!!! (Click to show)

Sony XBA3s:



So how do these Chinese-designed-&-made GR07 BEs fare against those heavyweight brandname Japanese hitters??? Dannybai sent me a set of Sony XBA3s to test out the waters after I told him that I was interested in buying those currently very popular Sony XBA40s. Since I have never heard nor have had any experience with balanced armature IEMs, I am glad that I was able to listen to the XBA3s first before I took the plunge into those XBA40s, so big thanks to Danny for letting me hear those XBA3s.


The Sony Hybrid tips that came with these XBA3s had given me driver flex in my left ear (too tight of a seal which makes it sound as if water is stuck in your ears and creates this squishy sound when the IEM is inserted).  Danny told me that the Auvio tips sounded best with these XBA3 so I used the medium red ones which happens to give me the best fit, and lo and behold these XBA3 are amazingly airy sounding. They have really great instrument separation and lots of micro details along with great sparkly mids and pretty good extended highs. These Auvio tips are of the wide bore type (big tip opening) so the highs sounded less congested and more open as compared to the narrow bore stock Sony hybrid tips. I like to describe this airy sound as something akin to eating cotton candy in a nice warm sunny summer afternoon. As the result of this airier and open sound, the bass impact suffered a bit and now felt lacking. Therefore, I changed the "Flat" preset EQ on my iPod to "Jazz" which not only upped the airiness of these XBA3s to another notch, there was also better bass impact as well. 


This change in EQ along with the Auvio tips created a sense of airiness in these XBA3s which almost made it feel like listening to an open set of IEMs. The airiness along with the spaciousness of the soundstage was what impressed me the most. This makes listening to acoustic and live instrument music truly a pleasure.  Unlike the bolder and punchier bass of dynamic IEMs, the bass on these XBA3's might be too soft hitting for some due to it being a balanced armature IEM. Some have stated that the treble of these XBA3s are somewhat harsh and sibilant with a metallic tinge, but I haven't experienced any of these issues.  In fact I find that the treble of these XBA3s even more forgiving than the super smooth highs of the MH1Cs because it somehow manages to be very well extended yet is not harsh, bright, or sibilant whatsoever even on "Jazz" preset EQ.


So how do these GR07 BEs compare to the XBA3s??? First off, they are very different sounding IEMs. The GR07 BE is a lot more natural though not neutral in its sonic presentation. The XBA3s on the other hand sounds more "artificial" in that there seems to be an airy coloration which renders the music in a extremely refined way. The XBA3s are more neutral across its sonic spectrum because the lows, mids as well as the highs are very well balanced when compared to the GR07 BEs which has more of a bass emphasis. Even though the bass emphasis of these GR07 BEs can almost satisfy borderline bassheads, the overall sound signature is so proportional that the low end does not intrude whatsoever against the rest of the spectrum, and is only present when called for. Therefore, the airy nature of the XBA3s makes it more suitable for long listening sessions due to its lighter non-fatiguing rendition of the music. While the GR07 BEs have a much more powerful and bolder sound that can be somewhat fatiguing if listened to all day long. Three or four hour listening sessions should be no problem and these GR07 BEs will keep your well entertained due to the micro details nuances along with that lush textured bass.


Both of these iems are refined in their our ways, the XBA3s being more technically advanced than the GR07 BEs due to its very airy and unoffensively balanced sound signature. These GR07 BEs are more for bass lovers but it does everything just as well even though it is not as refined nor is technically accomplished as the XBA3s. I would venture to say that these GR07 BEs are a lot more fun and caters to a more mainstream demographic. The XBA3s would be fitting for those that want something more analytical but still want something that is not completely "flat" in presentation. A serious sounding IEM that doesn't really take itself that seriously - this would be as apt as I could put it for these IEMs.





Final Thoughts.


Vsonic GR07 BEs vs. JVC FXZ200 vs. ATH CKN70 vs. Sony XBA 3





So how do these GR07 BEs fare against the rest of those Japanese big bois??? I think my initial impressions of these GR07 BEs is pretty on point in that they are literally like a fusion of the FXZ200 and the CKN70 in sound signature and capabilities. These GR07 BEs are fairly natural sounding just like the FXZ200s but they also have sparkly mids/high, good extension, and micro detailing out the wazoo, much like the CKN70s. blink.gif  They are also akin to the FXZ200s in that the power and slam of the bass is almost near FXZ200 levels, which is pretty bold and big for any dynamic IEM. The FXZ200s are still tops for sub bass and overall power in bass quantity, but where these GR07 BEs lack in quantity it makes up for in quality. My main gripe with the bass of the FXZ200 was its lack of lushness and texture but the biocellulose material used on these GR07 BEs creates that familiar big and bold dynamic bass and at the same time keeps that element of lushness and texture.


Not only does the bass have a lot of power and slam, it's speedy like that of Carbon Nanotube IEMs such as the CKN70s. These GR07 BEs are able to remain almost as transparent as CKN70s despite having a pretty big and bold low end. Therefore, these GR07 BEs are truly the best of both worlds in one complete package. Its sound signature and capabilities was what I had wanted out of my FXZ200s but didn't happen to get, and as the result this led to my subsequent purchase of those CKN70s. The Sony XBA3s is the odd ball in this entire lineup because it sounds nothing like any of these other IEMs expect for its technical merits; amazing instrument separation, sparkly mids and highs and a speedy, yet tight and lush low end. They are the most "flat" when compared to the rest but it has this airy quality to them which makes it really seductive, engaging and interesting to listen to.


The sound signature/ sonic spectrum goes like this: From the left to the right, left being the most natural but not neutral sounding and the right being the most "artificial"/neutral and balanced sounding.


          Most natural : JVC FXZ200 - Vsonic GR07 BE - ATH CKN70 - Sony XBA3 Most neutral

(Realistic in music rendition)                                                            (More "artificial" and balanced sounding)


For me these VSonic GR07 BEs came out of the left field and totally blew my mind, not only because of how awesome they sound but also due to how amazingly capable and competent they are.  VSonic somehow was able to capture the magic of both the new and old tech and fused it into this biocellulose gem of an IEM. These GR07 BEs are truly the best of both worlds and is the dark horse in my IEM race for the top spot because I might have found Da' ONE.  DAT PERFECTION OF FUSION BABY!!!

Warning: DAT FUSION!!! (Click to show)



P.S. HUGE THANKS to Twinky Winky A.K.A  Crackers A.K.A Twinkie A.K.A TwinQY for the edits!!! : P <333s

Warning: Super Twinkie FTW!!! (Click to show)


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Best. Review. Ever.




I'm a huge fan of DBZ, so I'm a bit biased.



As for the review, I still say it's you getting used to a more natural sound. The GR07 doesn't assault you with bass like the FXZ does, nor does it sparkle your ears out like the CKNs. It gives you your music like you'd hear it live. Maybe it sounded dead with the acoustic pieces because the pieces themselves were dead tongue.gif. Feed them something lively, and you'll get liveliness. For instance, compare Snorah Jones with City and Colour...or compare Diana Krall-asleep with Regina Spektor.

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^^^^^so long but so good , nice to know that you love my gr07 bass edition goodness biggrin.gif,see you can always trust a asian brotha biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by eke2k6 View Post

Best. Review. Ever.




I'm a huge fan of DBZ, so I'm a bit biased.



As for the review, I still say it's you getting used to a more natural sound. The GR07 doesn't assault you with bass like the FXZ does, nor does it sparkle your ears out like the CKNs. It gives you your music like you'd hear it live. Maybe it sounded dead with the acoustic pieces because the pieces themselves were dead tongue.gif. Feed them something lively, and you'll get liveliness. For instance, compare Snorah Jones with City and Colour...or compare Diana Krall-asleep with Regina Spektor.

Nah ekey boi it was that TOTAL ONSLAUGHT/ BEAT DOWN with dat burn-in. They really did open UP A LOT. I know what i heard meng. I didn't change any tips/ source/ albums during the auditions etc. So the changes were really obvious pre/ post burn-in. 


Yeppp 100% agreed they are right in the middle of those FXZ200 and the CKN70s. Fusion meng. cool.gif


DBZ FTW!!! beerchug.gif

Originally Posted by mochill View Post

^^^^^so long but so good , nice to know that you love my gr07 bass edition goodness biggrin.gif,see you can always trust a asian brotha biggrin.gif


Now your @ss has got me lusting after them, only that cheapo looking cable/ design is stopping me. haha Or else it would have been true PERFECTION!!! tongue.gif

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They are of high build quality biggrin.gif and I bet you if you burn them to 500 hrs you mind will blow of your neck biggrin.gif
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Now add a hisoundaudio n3 to your collection after getting the bass edition and will be set smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

They are of high build quality biggrin.gif and I bet you if you burn them to 500 hrs you mind will blow of your neck biggrin.gif

Ya' mon that cable is crazy nice in quality, just the look is..... cough** X-MAS 24/7 360 **cough.



Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Now add a hisoundaudio n3 to your collection after getting the bass edition and will be set smily_headphones1.gif

I am good with my crappy ipods and sansa clip+ thank you very much. Though i wouldn't mind much if you send it over so i can give it a test spin. biggrin.gif

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I don't have the n3 biggrin.gif but have the hisoundaudio studio v 3rd anv. biggrin.gif
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Excellent organic write-up SF! Very nicely done.

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