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HI All,


This is my first post on Head-fi but I have been a long time follower and appreciate all the hands on info and feedback on this forum.


As I live in Sri Lanka I dont get a chance to try out hifi equipment so your feedback is invaluable.


I currently am looking for 2 solutions


1. A USB  DAC/AMP to hook up to my PC/laptop as a source form my Grado 125si Headphones.

2. A amp for my galaxy s2 and beyerdynamic DTX 101 IE pair as a portable solution


reading reviews and feedback on the head-fi forums I had decided to purchase the HRT Headstreamer to pair with my grados. and a fiio E6 for my galaxy s2.



I was at peace until I came across reviews of the HIFIMAN hm602 portable audio player which could potentially cover both my needs


Reviews have varied on the HM602s significantly from excellent i.e. matching or surpassing the Headstreamer dac/amp combo to terrible and overhyped.



I hope you guys can help me make a decision  as I will have very limited time to audition these before I have to make a decision on which option to buy