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The song has a very noticeable echo/noise of the drums (i think).
Could be, actually most likely was intended to be part of the song haha, but I hate it.

Besides, good practice right?


Using adobe audition cs6 (trial haha) to try to reduce this, but after watching a bunch of tutorials, this problem seems slightly more complex to solve than just using the basic functions of the noise reduction tool. Definitely above my skill level however.

So ^^^^^'s a good section of it to work with.

It's purely the 4 beats followed by the noise, then repeat.

Anyways, I tried selecting only the frequencies above 1k to minimize the distortion of everything else, but it's still really...bad.

Things sound clogged up and not crisp.

70% reduction @ ~4 db among other variations I tried





Any ideas?




Oh and yea, I'm working with a lossless version of the song.

824kbps @ 44kHz

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