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Small comparison of AWEI ES800M (Best bang for buck)

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My first review/comparison so excuses for the bad review/comparison

This is more of a comparison thread, since there are other threads reviewing most of the IEMs i'm going to compare.



I will be receiving the Sony MH1 very soon


So here we have it another bang for buck IEM, it's called the AWEI ES800M


i bought them for around $5,50 orso



It comes with 3 sizes of silicone tips and a leather pouch with a spring system to open it. They have flat cables and a straight plug.


The specification are:


- Driver size: 9mm
- Frequency Response: 20-20000HZ
- Impedance: 16 Ohm
- Sensitivity: 95 dB
- Cable Length: 1200 mm/ 46.8 inch



I'm currently using the TF10 at home and the CK-700 for outside





sorry for the terribad photo




They share allot of similarities like soundstage, slightly recessed mids and how dynamic / clear they sound for cheap earphones. But overall the ES800M sound better then the CK700. The only thing the CK700 does better is having more amounts of bass, yet the ES800M have a more controlled bass and superior build quality. So for those who liked the CK700, i'm pretty sure you will love these.





In my opinion the worst compared to the other ones. Before having other bang for buck IEMs the Xeport 3010 wasn't that bad. But they retail for $20 now, which makes them less attractive since there are way better options out there if you pay a few dollars more. The Xeport 3010 sound like really tiny speakers. They do nothing wrong, but they don't amaze me at anything. Not recommended as bang for buck.





Way better then the Xeport 3010 but still pricey since there is no introduction discount anymore on these. They retail for $30 at the moment but i bought them when they were $15. I like the cable which barely tangles, the different sound signatures you can get with the changeable screw system and i got the best isolation with this IEM compared to the other ones. My preferred screw was the gray one, which gave a nice bass impact but retaining a fairly clear sound (not as clear as the CK700 or the ES800M). For $15 i would place them 3rd in comparison with the other IEMs. But yet again new companies has came up with even better IEMs for a lower price (Rock-it and Vsonic).


*People say these sound like the MEElectronics SP51 so you can look it up for reviews



Philips 3580


Recommended by the guy who said these were really good with a good EQ setting.


Even though i didnt mess with the EQ setting i could see why people like these earphones. They are cheap and you could get them at your local store (not sure if many local shops have them in store since these are quite old). These have a V-sound signature and are really treble happy. I barely use them since they don't isolate much for me and they have signs of sibilance with some of my music. I would pick the ES800M over the Philips 3580 but that could be due to my EQ setting. But people on this forum bought these for like $5 at their local store, so i can't say these aren't a contender for best bang for buck.


Monoprice 8320


What can i say about these gems. Split for my #1 bang for buck IEM with the ES800M. The most non fatiguing IEM which makes listining to hours and hours of music a joy. The only downside is getting a good fit and the horrendous cable which forever keeps the tangly form in which they were wrapped up. These are rated insanely high by Joker and their retail price is only $7.11 for US headfi-ers, but i had to buy them from a fellow headfi-er for €10 which is still worth it. Get these and the ES800M and you have two of the best bang for buck IEM with very different sound signatures.


Brainwavz M1


The first IEM that i bought through recommendations from lurking around head-fi. I still like the M1 since they offer better soundstage and instrument seperation then the other ones. Altough they sound kinda dark in comparison to the other IEMs. You just have to get adjusted to the sound signature of the M1 and then you would enjoy them allot. The Brainwavz M1 have the BEST cable from all the IEMs i own. But i'm really sad the price of the M1 has raised so much in 2 year time. I bought these with a discount from MP4nation for $25 and they were worth every penny back then.





Monoprice 8320 and the AWEI ES800M are #1 best bang for buck. The ES800M are a slight upgrade from the CK700. Just give them a try since they won't break the bank rolleyes.gif




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Thank you! I have the CP-700s but can't afford the Monoprices. Seems like I should try the Aweis, but more for presents though as I am a really poor student. I really love it to give friends good earphones as presents, instead of money. 

And as they come with a nice pouch, instead of the XKDUNs... they might be worth giving a try (too, as Im maybe also trying the JBM MJ800s found by Head-Fi user Rhalf).

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Hi, does it comes with a mic? I'm worried on the compatibility to my phone if ever I buy this cheapo IEM. I saw on the description it supports only Apple products

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Originally Posted by jhii07 View Post

Hi, does it comes with a mic? I'm worried on the compatibility to my phone if ever I buy this cheapo IEM. I saw on the description it supports only Apple products


no mic i know there is another awei that does have a mic but they have way more bass then i can handle

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can you elaborate on the sound signature of monoprice 8320 vs awei?

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mine should be here in a few days,, hopefully by friday...

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I order it, I am interested as you say it split for #1with monoprice 8320, how do you compare the sound signature betwen two, bass? mids? Soundstage?

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first,,, I am using a 5th gen ipod classic,, custom LOD,, Fiio E11... I am using apple lossless for this disc track 9 GRANDMA'S HANDS http://www.chesky.com/various-artists--ultimate-demonstration-disc.html and download from iTunes Dave Brubeck TAKE FIVE...... monoprice 8320 w/comply tips vs Es800m w/stock tips

track 9.. there was a difference in tonality in vocals... the 8320 wasnt as elevated in the lower midrange, but I found it strange that the 800m was not able to play the foot tap (stomp) which provided a low freq tempo. the 8320 was able to play it.. OK,,, spent some quiet.time with the 800m and was able to hear the foot tap,, but it was low enough that it could be confused with my heart beating or microphonics..

TAKE FIVE,,, the 800m produced a more bassier sounding sax and not as bright or detailed sounding as the 8320... OK..listened again.. and this time it was towards the end without the sax playing and only the drummer,bass and pianist are at it,, the drum strikes sounds had decay with the 800m and,not snappy... the soundstage was very narrow and crowded with the 800m... I missed the plucking sounds of the bass due to the decay of the drum and the echo off the upper right corner (it atleast sounds like the echo is there)..

this is not to say that the 800m isnt worth buying...im actually happy with the purchase... there is a nice bump in the bass region (not sure why it couldnt play the foot tap in Grandma Hands) that sounds good for certain instrumentals and soundtracks,, like INCEPTION

I do prefer the sound of the 8320 for critical listening and I found myself listening longer to them than the 800m due to a more 3D sound stage

this is in no way anything official, just my opinion based on what I heard, I dont have golden ears, and I only listened to short segments about one minute for each song...

I will try comparing the 800m to the monoprice 9396,, I think this might be where they will shine brighter..
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My comparison against the MP:

They both have a nice soundstage and are well built (the AWEI's better built though). Here end the similarities. The AWEI has a full though very controlled bass, neutral mids and standard not too bright highs, EQ'ing the AWEI makes it a far better phone. Better and more detail in the highs, and the midrange could get a bit more airy too.

Very good for modern music, and after EQ'ing a nice all-rounder (even classical music could sound ´perfect´).


The MP doesnt need any EQ to sound very good on classical music and some older music (like Bob Dylan). Sound's very balanced, bass roll off is noticable (the AWEI goes very low) on modern music (Michael Jackson's Jam sounds just too balanced, it doesnt have those low BOOM BOOOM sounds which the AWEI produce without faults). The Monoprice does very well with the ´real instrument music´ though, drums sound very good, guitars, violins...

Voices sound a bit thin though (with good seal).


So which should you buy? The AWEIs do everything OK, some genres better than others, but if you have an equalizer around (in your DAP, PC where ever) a slight midrange and treble boost make these quite a lot better for less modern music.

MPes sound without EQ better than the AWEIs for accoustic/classical music, but the bass which doesnt go too low and the a bit thin voices make them less good for pop etc.

The AWEIs are $6 at dx.com, including shipping. If I were you I would try them without doubt, be it a spare set or because of the nice pouch.

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still waiting, what about the others awei phones have you tried, any good or equals good one?

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Just got my ES800M.  For $6 (with free shipping) I must say these are pretty decent.  Smooth overall sound.  It does not do anything "wrong".  Would make for a great gift.


Fit is great.  They are nice and light.  The cable is flat with no microphonics at all.  VERY good build for this low price point.  These make great little earphones for extended use with their comfort and neutralish easy sound.



Like others, I am comparing these to the Monoprice 8320.



Below is my scorecard:  (Using the Comply T-400 tips for both)


ComfortES800M > 8320


Build QualityES800M > 8320


Better MicrophonicsES800M > 8320


Overall SQ:  ES800M < 8320


Soundstage: ES800M < 8320


Instrument Separation: ES800M < 8320



For the best budget earphone, my vote still goes towards the 8320.  Though I am pleasantly surprised with the ES800M.




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Had to post just to say, many thanks for this thread! These are really impressive for their price, the build quality is better than my Brainwavz M1, and the sound, although it lacks just a bit of "personality", everything sounds great, there's enough bass and has great clarity. And it gets better and better with every single extra burn-in.

These could easily be given another brand and sold for 30$+
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this phone are not vented. so its hard for me to get fit without driver flex and to much pressure on eardrum.

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Originally Posted by HAMS View Post

this phone are not vented. so its hard for me to get fit without driver flex and to much pressure on eardrum.


This is very true.

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I do not feel this. Do the tips used have an impact on this kind of thing? I use foam tips.

The bass on these have been improving massively with burn-in. It initially lacked a bit of "kick" on stuff like drums but now it sounds really slick.
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