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^ ^ Did you start the process of EQing the 400s because I'd asked whether you could EQ out the sibilance? Did you manage to pretty much erase it or just dampen it? I ended up pulling the trigger on the 500s over the 400s partly because of that. This meet totally ruined my taste for the Mad Dogs. I'd spent a lot of time playing with EQ trying to get the Mad Dogs to sound like I would hope they should sound to no avail and decided I should pull the trigger on a set of cans that sounded like I thought they should from the get go and stop playing (or at least, start playing on a different field). And I know based on listening to them on various equipment they'll grow very nicely as I move up from the Schiit Magni I've got driving them for now (which works surprisingly well, actually, although the phones aren't broken in yet). 


Thanks again for a great meet and thanks for upgrading my ears (even while downgrading my wallet).


Actually, I had pretty much been away from the HE-400s for a bit until the meet.  I had been working on a few Fostex headphones.  When I did use the HE-400s, it wasn't with a lot of female vocalists.  However, following the meet, I did have a desire to make some play lists of female vocalists, then realized how much I'd need to work on the sound.  In a way, yes, the feedback from the meet did eventually influence me towards the using a bit of EQ.  I had tried in the past, but had a few issues with the Squeezebox server software and the EQ plug-in.  It turns out the plug-in features wouldn't activate correctly when making adjustments with the 64-bit versions of Web browsers.  I had to step back to a 32-bit version and then I could make changes and save them.  The sound really cleaned up in a good way, but didn't take away any of the good qualities either.  I'm happy it worked out this way for me.  I was just dreading having to go through another sales / purchase experience.  Maybe after the 1st quarter of 2013, I can determine if I should need to do any swap-outs.  Until then, the HE-400s are staying.