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Power DAC or dac+T-amp?

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hello everyone. I would like to upgrade a desktop audio in my bedroom (6' X 8'), after i read the posts, i decide to use passive speakers because i can have much more choices. My budget is around 600USD excluding the speakers, so i am deciding should i buy a power dac like wadia 151 or nuforce DDA-100? Or buy a small dac like halide dac hd, connect to a cheap T-amp likes trends or kingrex? I am living in Hong Kong so i cannot test halide, and i can only use a small speakers due to space capacity. Very appreciated if you could give me some advice, cheers.

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Lol that's a pretty small space and could be even a TA2020 based T-amp with somewhat efficient speakers is all you need but if you looking for higher end/beefier ones why not have a look at Topping TP-22? As for DAC - if u also planning to use cans also perhaps something that is DAC with a headphone amp section?


Btw i have tested 92db floor standers with a puny TA2020 in a 12" x 10" tv room and it is more than enuff L3000.gif

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Semi-related, here's my review of the Nuforce Icon2 + S-X speakers and sub... 


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