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sennheiser HD558 vs ATH-M50s

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Hi there Head-Fi


I want to buy headphones for a price of up to 200$

and in my small research I came to either buying

Sennheiser hd558 [I will mod them like the pretty famous hd555 mod]


Audio-technica ATH-M50s

and i'm having a hard time deciding which one to buy.


the headphones will be used at home all the time while my main wish is to get

the most out of my cash for music like electro, house, sometimes dubstep and the like.

which one is best for me?

they will be connected to my computer sound card

Realtek ALC888



which one should I choose?

a suggestion for a headphone amplifier up to the 100$ will be nice too smile.gif

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While I believe the HD 558 is a better can, the M50s are better for EDM. The M50s can be driven fine out of your soundcard, but the Fiio E10 is a good amp and dac combo that pairs well with the M50s. Cheers.

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Audio-technica ATH-M50s

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thanks for the suggestions :)

more comments would be appreciated to make my stand stronger

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I had Senn555 very smooth headphones, but to listen music in them was not интересно.Сейчас I bought the M50, for rock are more suitable, a lot of bass.
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Sennheiser HD558, should provide better surround sound,

I usually prefer open headphones over closed (mostly).


Asus Xonar DG ($26) or DGX ($41) sound card

comes with basic head amp. and Dolby headphone surround sound.


The Fiio E10 is technically a better DAC and head amp. bit offers zero surround sound features.

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