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Alternatives to Harman Karden CL's

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Long time watcher, finally posting. I've had some good headphones over the years and a couple of clunkers. After making a mistake buying the Marshall Majors I need a new pair of phones to use with my iphone and ipad. I listen to rock, classic rock, blues, jazz and other fun noisy things. I have been to the Apple store to try different phones, guitar center and a couple of places. I dig the CL's, they sound and fit good( I have a big melon). Is there anything else in the $200 range I should be aware of? I tried some others, the V-80's were good but too small, the amperiors were way cool, bit pricey...didn't like the fit of most other consumer phones. Yuck on the beats, they didn't fit or sound good. The B&W's were very cool but didn't fit as well as I would have liked


Price is quite flexible, also...years ago I lost part of my hearing at a Van Halen concert...oh the 80's! The outcome of that is anything with piercing highs or overly trebley sound hurts my ears. I like a clear but slightly warm sound...anything too bright just fatigues my ear.


I've read through a ton of posts on here that have led me to a phone or two, but I just need to know all the variables before I plop down some more money.


I'm in Saint Louis, MO so if you know of any places to go around here to demo that would be great!

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How long did you try the P5s for? I found them ill fitting at first but they adjusted for me after a little while.


The last of the 3 great style headphones is the Sennheiser Momentum, currently exclusive to the Apple store. I'm deciding between the CL's, P5s or Momentum at the moment.

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I have a big head so if they don't fit as well, it happens pretty quick. I liked the P5's a bunch(just a bit tight)...must admit I liked the sound from the CL's a bit better...more comfortable too.


I'm not opposed to getting an amp. I have plenty of room in my bag for one...if that opens things up...enlighten me :)

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I haven't tried the CL's yet, do they isolate at all? they don't appear to. I'm heading down to the Apple store soon to try them all out and compare, and they have a 14 day return policy on headphones so I can even go home and try them out.


As for an amp, i'm not 100% sold on them but I only listen to music on my iPhone.

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CL's do a decent job of isolating...not quiet like a tomb...but decent in a place like the apple store. I noticed a couple o phones tend to need some juice to sound better. My sennheisers that are pluggdr into my practice amp at home are that way...sound great to practice music through the amp(ampeg)...super dull and muddy with an idevice

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I was toying with getting a PA2V2 but losing my previous job put my adventurous headphone plans on ice, Now i'm in a lower paying job I'll forgo the amp and just get a good pair of mobile headphones.


I really liked the isolation on the P5's, they turned the Apple store in to a tomb, I could hear both my breath and blood pumping, as well as the low level tinnitus which prompted my search for isolating headphones. I'm excited to try to Momentum as they are over ear unlike the other two which are on ear. 


The kind of headphones your looking at are designed for mobile listening and take in to account the low power of mobile devices, if you were looking at headphones without mics and that weren't exclusively from the Apple store i'd recommend doing amp research.

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I know that I am playing and using a mobile device, but that never stopped anyone on her from amping it up for good sound. I have poured through many many threads. I don't mind a little bit of sound getting in if the phones are comfortable. The P3's actually fit better on my head than the P5's...I do have a strange shaped melon. I wish someone sold Grado around here...like to try them first. The one store that did only stopped stocking them because they only do installations now.

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Is your head mushroom shaped? tongue.gif

I haven't seen the P3s in person yet but I don't like the look of them in photos and the earpads look like they would be uncomfortable for long periods.

I've got the same problem, my headphone choices are limited to the ones I can try on and return if I dislike them.
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No mushroom...just a big head. I'm a wookiee to most people. The P3's actually fit good...just to my ears don't sound as good as the CL's

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The Harmen Kardon BT are even better sounding than CL and they cover the ears. Other headphones like Sony MA900 are amazing sounding(MA500 are also great buy) but they are open back headphones, Sony ZX700, Klisch M40, ATH-ES9, Pro900 and Skullcandy Avaitor are pretty good sounding for the price.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The skullcandys don't fit. I'm not into noise canceling headphones...not fond of more batteries. The BT HK's look cool but some of the reviews aren't as happy with them. I'm not opposed to over ear...just don't want big and bulky. The ATH's look cool and the sonys as well.

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