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Need a good amp under $100

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Hey head-fiers, I am in need of a new amp. I have seen a few but if anyone could give some recommendations, I will be purchasing a pair of Grado S60's as a good pair of nicer cans. Here is my current setup. 


-Skullcandy Hesh

-iPod Touch 4G


So far the amp that seems to interest me is the Electric Avenues PA2V2 which will easily power the S60i. Recommendations on other headphones (over-ear please) I will also be buying a LOD is this recommended or should I just use a Male to Male 3.5mm connector. Any replies would be appreciated, thanks! :)

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Fiio E11, get the LOD

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Thanks for the advice, will be upgrading to an ipod classic soon. How about some over ear headphones besides the S60's?

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I'm a rookie too. I just recently picked up the brainwavz hm5 and will be pairing it soon with an electric avenues pa2v2 amp. I hear mostly good things about the amp and costs 70 now

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I see. What DAP do you have?

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Just use the iPod Touch, no external amp.  Even if getting an external amp had no disadvantages like requiring you to lug around an extra device, it would be better to just get better headphones rather than split the money between headphones and an amp.


The iPod Touch 4G output is good (not totally amazing, and not suitable for some balanced-armature IEMs, but good):



Certainly not worth upgrading over if you're talking about most sub-$100 headphones.

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I plan to purchase a iPod Classic mostly because of storage problems, by the way whats your take on the Grado S60's. Doc says I can't wear IEMs anymore (long story, but ask away!) so I need some over the ear cans. The S60 seems good, isn't too expensive either.

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