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So my story starts at the begining of this year. My technics rpdh-1200 fell apart after 6 years of loyal service. It had been quite a while since I looked at headphones, but I remember that last time I looked it was quite fun, trying out about a dozen headphones before picking the technics. This time around I decided to look for somthing a stepup in the mid-fi range. I was lucky enuff to get a chance to listen to about a dozen open and closed cans and while I enjoyed the sound of the open cans better for the price ( grado rs1's are my fav) I also was going to use the headphones for djing as well and found that they interfered too much with my powered monitor. I then did a 5 closecan shootout with the pro 900 coming out on top. After a few months with the pro 900 I started to miss the warm sound of the d-2000 that I tried out as well. In june I got the itis and started to look for a new/modded fostex. I first started with a D7K and after a couple weeks of looking I got a chance to try one out. They're a definite improvement over the d-2000, but I wouldn't call them a great deal till you hit the $659 price. I pretty much missed out on those deals and the cheapest Ive seen one NIB is $750 and it only lasted a day and I missed out. After striking out on the D7K's I looked at the t50rp moded thunderpants, koda's, paradox's and I made a bid on moded pair by martin audio. Struckout again. Then I stumbled on LawtonAudio and was impressed with his website. I emailed mark lawton and asked how much it would be for a fully loaded D-7000. $1929 ouch! I tried to see if he would come down any on price and he didn't respond. Then I saw he had a 20% off summersale on his LA-D2000's. I wouldn't normally say that this is a killer deal but it is a one of a kind headphone and the NIB d-2000 was $269, 25% off imo. I kindof saw mixed reviews when it came to mark's work. Some said it was audiofile jewelery and not worth it, others claiming their D7K was collecting dust cause their LA-D2000 was superior. I decided to take the plunge. I got hawaian koa wood cups, lawton tune, angle pads, and 2.5m copperone cable with 1/4" furutech plug for $930 including the headphones, $130 more than a D7K at the time. Then the day I order them here comes the new denon line and I was like aw crap! Looks like I dodged a bullet there. I personally cant say how these new headphones perform but the reviews look poor. Just got my LA-D2000's from lawton audio a couple days ago and wow and I impressed. The pictures on marks site do not do them justice. The biggest thing that stood out when I first opened them up was the cable. It is very very thick and ultra heavy duty but still soft and managable. If I had to do it over again I probably wouldv'e gotten a 2m cable. So far this seems like money very well spent as it is definitly $130 better than a D7K. I would estimate it at around $300 better but I haven't burned them in yet so we will see. The only complaint that I have is that they were completed in 8+ weeks instead of the original 4 weeks I was told. Mark was very good at communcating with me tho so I will forgive him. Only about 10hrs. of burn in and they already destroy my pro 9's in every way. Even area's where I thought my pro 9 would keep up: speed, soundstage, midbass it just gets left in the dust. And the sub-bass is unbelievalbe on the LA's. Of course its not that fair of a comparison, my NIB pro 9's a were only $340 including shipping and I still prefer them a lil more than a stock d-2000. Review and pictures in a couple weeks.