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Advice for first AMP/DAC

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Hello all,


This is my first post on this forum, so I think I will do a little explaining of why I am here and get to my question in a second.


Firstly, I am new to the audiophile/audio purist world. I like my music a little colored with a bass presence that offers a thump. That said, I listen to all kinds of music at random. I do not stick to any particular style. What I do like is having crisp audio, with a punchy, but not overbearing bass (eg. Beats by Dre Pro). So I span the spectrum from metal-techno, and classical to country/rock. That said, I saw the reviews on these forums and purchased myself a brand new set of AKG K271 MKII's to go with my new laptop; only now do I realizing that the Sager NP9130 has an on-board sound card. Here is my dilemma, I would like something that drive my headphones well, but still sit bellow the $100 range (the Fiio e-7 is $65 on Amazon). The problem is I want something that does not muddy the low end spectrum, but will increase the quality, and punch of the bass through my cans without overpowering the rest of the audio spectrum as well as respecting the midds and highs. Can you guys please help?


Thank you so much.


-A true Noob.

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Bump for advice.

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Those headphones are very sensitive and low impedance so the laptop will definitely not be lacking power.


Try listening from the headphone out. If it sounds good to you, there's no need for anything else. If it doesn't, the E7 is a good choice.

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