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Audiophile level quality meets Pop - The Piano Guys

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So if you have been under a rock lately or just not discovering new music, and you're looking for something new, refreshing, yet still classical, really audiophile worthy, that is also deliciously pop; then I definitely suggest you look into The Piano Guys. I found them on YouTube initially. They have most of their content on there in HD1080p. However, their album can be had in CD format from Amazon now as of this week. I received it on it's availability date. I've been listening to it non-stop since then.


Link to Album (with previews)

YouTube Channel for The Piano Guys


The music is a blend of classical instruments used in interesting ways, and some electronic instruments blended in, with pop basically. They are taking music you already know and re-doing it. Lots of cover songs essentially. It's virtually all instrumental, some vocals here and there, but it's primarily just instruments. The instruments are primarily piano and cello. The cello is played in various styles from tap, strum, classical, and even some electronic/synth use. These guys are very interesting with their application of the instruments. And performance wise, they are top notch and very fun with it.


I mentioned audiophile level quality because off the album, the recording quality is really good. No hiss, no noise floor embedded, which is common for instrumental recordings I find (which I have tons of, and dislike those hissy sounds found in a lot of piano recordings). The range of the album is insane too. You will be testing the very depth of your bass to the peaks of your treble with this album on every song. Your mids will make or break the album too, as it's all instrumental, and the majority of what you hear is of course in the mids. Ortho users, like myself, you are in for a treat. There's a lot of fun channel play too, they blend a lot of sounds left, right, pan, etc. So you can play a lot with sound stage here.


I've been listening via my speaker setup, but also via my various headphones. Hands down, I enjoy speakers more, but even on headphones I was absolutely impressed with the quality of the recordings (again, from the album, cannot speak of YouTube quality even at HD levels); and of course the sheer enjoyment of the music itself.


So if you're looking for something new, check it out. Audiophile music doesn't have to be boring!


(Note, used the term audiophile recording very loosely, don't get bent out of shape if it's not technically the best)


Very best,

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These guys are awesome! I've been listening to them on MOG for the past week or so. All there new stuff is on there as well but it's not compiled into one complete album. For some reason they're all singles. Not sure if that's a sorting problem on MOG's part or something else but either way I get to listen to it all! I might just buy the CD when I get my next paycheck because I'd love to take these guys on the road with me!

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As a matter of fact, been in the hunt lately for music that is ALSO a pleasure to listen to, and not just wonderful content...
Will definitely check them out!
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How could the cover of Without You not make it on the album? I liked it more than the Titanium cover... SAD FACE.

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This...this is nice.  Really, really nice.  These guys are somehow taking a bunch of music that I for the most part despise and turning it into something beautiful.  The Coldplay - Paradise cover in particular had me covered in goosebumps.  It also sounds pretty good to boot on both my MS2i and D1040 mkIV.  So, thanks for introducing me to something I didn't realize I was looking for for a long time.  I'd imagine all the people I'm about to recommend them to will be thanking you as well.  Now, to find a local shop that might actually have the CD somewhere.  I hate ordering stuff online if I don't have to.

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I have to say THANK YOU for sharing this. But then, now I can't sleep........ triportsad.gif

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Checking this out on MOG, thanks for sharing. This is what it is about, enjoying and discovering great music smily_headphones1.gif
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Wow, that's some quality music. I'm usually not into the whole orchestral cover thing but they're not bad, definitely buying the album.

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I too discovered them on youtube just recently. I fell in love with the Beethoven 5th Secret live they did absolutely breath taking. Every minute detail blissfully delivered to your ears (granted I listened to it on great headphones as I'm sure many here do as well). A good few of them actually are my new go to demos I use for customers looking for great headphones.
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Originally Posted by snapple10 View Post

Checking this out on MOG, thanks for sharing. This is what it is about, enjoying and discovering great music smily_headphones1.gif


My thoughts exactly
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