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Low Quality Recordings

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I am buying my first high quality headphones. I have some choices but I want to know which ones are best for the music I listen to. I listen to Classic and Alternative Rock. Some of the songs don't have the best recording quality and I wanted to know which of the following headphones would be the best for me. The headphones I want are listed below. Also, I f you could describe each one's sound and comfort I would appreciate the side by side comparison. Thank you.

Ultrasone HFI 780
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
Sennheiser HD 558
Shure SRH 840
Audio Technica M50
Grado SR80i
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Low quality recordings are going to sound even worse out of a better, more revealing pair of headphones.


I would focus on getting better quality music first. Then focus on getting a better headphone.


That said, how about some criteria about your headphone preferences?


Bassy? Neutral?

Open air?

Closed back?

What is your source (iphone, computer, etc?)


Portability or home use only?


Very best,

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Yes - bad recordings and low quality files will be painful to listen to using gear that resolves lots of detail. For me, high-end phones have also opened my ears to genres I wasn't initially interested in previously so your tastes may change after using your new headphones :)  Since it looks like the m50 is in your budget, you may want to consider those. You'll read about the folks who love em, or hate them, but then you can start forming your own opinion. The grados are also popular for the genres you listed.

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