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Somebody is a large fan of David Gilmour bigsmile_face.gif. I think my favorite solo is little wing by Hendrix. Although I really enjoy stevie ray vaughn's version too considering it's recorded much better.

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Nice solos by Gary Moore, a rocker turned bluesman. Some here may remember Gary as the former lead guitarist for Thin Lizzy.


Rest in peace, Gary.

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Hey Headphile, thx for posting the Gary Moore links. I wasn't aware of him. Good stuff!


He really puts a lot of feeling into his playing.

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Tommy Emmanuel



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Steve Howe's blistering solo on "Awaken" from the Yes album Going For The One.  It starts at 2:48 and ends at 3:56. How in the hell did he do that?


File source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Yes_Going_for_the_One.jpg


BTW: I just downloaded this album from HD Tracks in 24/96 WAV. It is delicious!

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Joe Satriani solo, Falling awake Ft Tarja


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Steve Vai, very tasteful and melodic...


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Originally Posted by drews View Post

Steve Vai, very tasteful and melodic...


Thank you for this link. I downloaded it immediately from the iTunes store and it sounds incredible through both the HE-400 and the LCD 2.2.

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I read the whole thread and was wondering why steve vai wasnt mentioned... until the last post. I will post a couple

Steve Vai - For the love of God
Steve Vai - Tender Surrender
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2 more favorites:


Bella, Santana, HD 1080P



SANTANA, Song Of The Wind

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Ahh..Santana, i have the greatest hits album. Can't stop playing it.

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Rory Gallagher - I Fall Apart


Brian Setzer -  I Won't Stand In Your Way


Jimmy Page - Hot Dog


Robby Krieger - Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor

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Originally Posted by walkmanrocks13 View Post

Not soon after I posted about Alvin Lee's solo at Woodstock and then downloaded his latest CD, Lee died unexpectedly at 67 (complications from minor surgery). Wow, I guess I jinxed the poor guy. Very interesting musician. Apparently he never wanted to be a rock and roller star, more interested in blues. But that was some performance, no doubt about it. In college (I am old) we all loved that piece of film. And it sounded good too (unlike much of the Woodstock performances).


That's really sad. TYA and Alvin Lee ...great stuff!
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Had this album since  way back and it has some great guitar solos:



Sail On Sailor- Performed by Steve Hunter from his CD "Swept Away

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Through The Fire and Flames

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