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ATH-A500X vs ATH-AD700

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Hello!! You cannot believe how happy I am to know about this site!


First of all you are awesome! But the best part is that if you want, you can learn so much from this site!

So keep up the good work guys!


Now the reason I'm writing this thread...

I have Siberia V2 headset and I must say it's the best headset I ever had since it's my first one :P

I drove it through my soundcard (Sonar x-fi from Bloodrage mobo) actually as you may know it's a Realtek chipset ALC889 with x-fi modded drivers...


Then I found you and after hours of reading I ended up buying a Xonar D2X (with Custom Uni Driver & Alexa mods) (I have in mind to buy also a cheap x-fi and do the velbac mod) 

Now Siberia V2 sounds 100 times better but I believe if you have access to this forum you cannot just be with the headset you have :P


Keep in mind I'm a competitive gamer but I love also music (mostly Dubstep) and movies 

So I need possitiong and good sound quality!

I ended up after so many recomendations from this forum with the choice of AD700 but they are soooo ugly!

Then I found A500X...


My questions are: 

1) Is A500X better than AD700? because from the specs I believe it's a better headphone...

2) Will thoses headphones be so better than the Siberia? Or I should just stay as I am?


My goal here is to enter to the audiophile world but with slow steps cause I don't have much money to spend now...


Thanks a lot!!!

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If you're purely gaming I would recommend the ad700 due to its open design. I have the a500x's big brother the a900x and have used them for gaming a couple times. While they're very spacious for closed headphones, the soundstage from open cans are still a little bit better for gaming. The ad700's would fail at dubstep though as they have very anemic bass. I enjoy the bass from my a900x, but it still might not satisfy some bassheads. Between the two though, I would choose the a500x for more versatility at the expense of a slightly smaller soundstage. Either of them should be better than the siberia though.


And what are the specs mentioned that makes you think the a500x are better than the ad700?

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Thanks for the quick response!

Well as noob as I am, I believe that 


Frequency response: 5 ~ 30,000 Hz is better than Frequency Response:10 - 30,000 Hz

Impedance: 48 ohms is better than Impedance: 32 ohms


I know it's not a big difference but In my eyes it's better, that's why I'm asking...


Also keep in mind that I'm open to other suggestions if they are at the same money...

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Is the ATH-AD900 out of the question? It costs a bit more, but it's open, has the Audio Technica sound signature, and has better bass.

Either way, welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet. tongue.gif
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Well for me right now 100$ more it's not a "bit more"

but lets put it this way...


I would like to buy a headphone like AD700 in order to enter to the audiophile world and give to myself the

privilege to hear quality sound in (games/music/movies) until I save more money to buy something like AKG K701...

those are the next for me to be honest cause I heard that are also great in games!


So the plan is a very good headphone around 120$ > amp > better headphones...

the only problem is that if I'm correct from what I found here the best choice around 120 is AD700? god they are so ugly and I

have a beautiful themed desk everything is black with blue LED :P

That's why I don't want them...


@5370H55V when you said that AD700 don't have bass, they have more or less bass from Siberia for example?


Thanks again guys!

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Also what about AKG K242 HD;

I found them for about 168$ which is my limit?

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Hm guys some they're saying that samson sr850 and superlux hd 668B are even better choices!

Is it true? superlux hd 668B has better soundstage than AD700? cause superlux hd 668B and sr850 are half of the price also!


Thanks a lot!

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I would not get the AD700 if your going to be listening to mainly dubstep as well as gaming. The Superflux 668B or Samson 850 would be better for your needs.
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I bought myself a pair of ad700s, I hope they are good when I receive them.

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Originally Posted by DJHeadshot View Post

I would not get the AD700 if your going to be listening to mainly dubstep as well as gaming. The Superflux 668B or Samson 850 would be better for your needs.

Yeah! that's what I also beleive... the question now is which of those has better soundstage?

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