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Lyr or Asgard for lcd-2/hd800

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man.. sorry for all the questions and slightly redundant posts... haha.. 


Was wondering, between the Lyr and Asgard which would you guys think is a better sounding amp for an lcd-2/hd800 combo?


At he moment I"ll be using the Dragonfly as my dac.


I'm guessing with the tubes of the lyr it might be a better match for the hd800? To me I find the lcd-2 lacks some treble and am worried if the warmer/tube-like sound of the lyr will make the lack of treble worse or make the lcd-2 overly warm sounding as opposed to the SS Asgard? Or is the Lyr just a better sounding match for both of the headphones? 


Also any impressions on the O2 with this headphone combo?


I'm guessing the extra power of the Lyr might also make it more likely to harm the headphones with it's power or voltage? Or am I just being paranoid here? haha.. Do a lot of the other more high end amps i see people use here like the WA2 or Bursons and Beta22 have even more power or voltage than the lyr? Just trying to put the risk level of using a Lyr into perspective. Not very good with the technical numbers stuff. Is the Lyr and it's power just overkill for these headphones and I'm just needlessly putting my headphones at risk?


As others have suggested, I'll make sure I don't have the headphones plugged in when turning the amp on/off just to be safe.


Thanks for the help guys.

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of course LYR. it fits HD800 and LCD2 very well. 

it makes them sound full, warm, and powerful :)

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if  i must pick one...i would go for the LYR. 

if i have both, i would plug the hd800 into the lyr...

and the LCD into the asgard.. 








if i have it my way, i would sell the LCD...lol


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THanks for everyone's help and advice. I think i'm gonna go Lyr. Was auditioning them today against the Asgard. I really enjoyed the extra fullness it gives with the HD800. thx again to both the guys who posted a reply and to those who PM'd me! =D

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