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So. I've been a little bit dissatisfied with the quality of my sound for a while now and the death of my ancient porta pros kind of made the upgrade very easy to justify as my only other option, the cheap iems I found in my closet, are raping the hell out of my hearing. Anyway, I've scavenged up a budget of about ~150-200 eur for a lil upgrade. 


At first, I basically decided on the ath-m50. The reviews seemed great(Can't check them on the spot, I'll have to buy the phones online, so reviews are the only things I can really go for), they fit well in my price range and I don't mind the looks. However, then I remembered the sources. While the audio files themselves are good enough (Everything is in either mp3 320kbps for portability or lossless when I couldn't give a damn), the output isn't (My multimedia laptop, sansa fuze(to be replaced with my next phone upgrade in the future) and a nexus 7). Given such conditions, I'm having doubts about the wisdom of getting 160 eur headphones and I'm basically left at a bit of a loss. I'm really quite unsure as to what to go for.


Would the m50's or something equivalent still offer me the best upgrade? Or am I better of getting a cheap pair like the AKG K512 mkII's/AKG K77's and some amp/dac combo like the fiio e17?