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trying to contact little dot is impossible

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I need to contact little dot as my mk3 has had a fall and the volume knob is broken off, the amp still works fine, a credit to it's production, but trying to log onto littledot.net is proving to be impossible, either i am totally missing the point of the security question or there is a fault on the site, i mean, "blue"9 right or "23" i just cant seem to grasp what i am doing wrong. David, if you are receiving this message, please get in touch as i need to get my amp repaired so i will need a new volume control, please respond. zed

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haha...I just went through this myself. Wait until you get the 11+12 questions and type out the word twenty three. Took my about 20 tries to finally get registered...pretty stupid system.


After all that time getting registered, you'll still probably wait forever waiting for an answer.

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i managed to get through the registration intelligence test eventually but then got stumped by the lack of any option to ask a question. anyway, everybody says good things about David so i am hoping he will get in touch. the amp still works so i am not up the river yet but it is a pain trying to adjust the volume with my thumb pressed up against the stump of what was the volume control. 

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Yeah, I'm still waiting. Been slightly less than 24 hours since I posted, just hoping to hear back soon so I know if mine is fixable or if my LD1+ case is going to be converted into a desktop cMoy...lol

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Did u guys email David directly at little.tube@gmail.com?

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thanks heat fan 12, i will try that email. z

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You can also try the Little dot forums as a last option if you don't have any luck. 

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still nothing from the man himself but i have found out the little dot mk3 uses an ALPS-16 potentiometer, RK16312A0-K20-A503-P

which i have now ordered. i understand the potentiometer is secured to the front panel and is connected to the circuit board by wire, rather then directly

to the board. does anyone know if that is true? thanks

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