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Originally Posted by Gintaras View Post

Ok Anak, but after test would you mind torturing your RWAK with this firmware upgrade? redface.gifwink_face.gif


After the test, most definitely :P on both the RWAK100 and the MS-AK100...got the approval from birdoffice :P (note the MS-AK100 is not mine, a loaner for comparison and review).

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

Well if it's just a UI and gapless change, I would have done it. Unfortunately tomorrow we're actually doing a RWAK100, MS-AK100, AK120, DX100, HM-901 test at Fujiya. So if this firmware is going to change the RWAK100 & MS-AK100 signature, it's kinda altering the test plan.

you should really secure 2 more stock AK100s, give one the russian job and that completes your test plan :)  ksc75smile.gif

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I am using the Russian for both my units now, amping one of the units with the Vorzamp Pure, wonderful with the FitEars!

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So far so good. Nice biggrin.gif

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crazy, should we rename AK100 to RUSAK100? ksc75smile.gifetysmile.gif

today i am lazy, will do my RWAK this favor tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by tm.chen View Post


Mind asking him for us if he altered the AK120 firmware or the original AK100 v1.33 firmware?

Original 1.33 of course

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In the system's setting via the gui you can see that it says version 1.0 and not 1.33 , are you sure he just took the ui of the ak120 ?

and besides, how did he have the source code? it seems very odd to me..

In addition, gapless isnt just a GUI thing, it's a whole implementation behind the scenes.. How did he add that part? you actually need to the understand what you are doing there..

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I'll address a question to the author, I am far from programming.

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I'm just curious as to how he did this.. he did a great job though ;)

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+1 Russian firmware. The UI seems much more smoother while browsing through folders. Then again I haven't scanned yet. I feel the sound quality has improved, probably placebo though. Hopefully this solves the erratic battery display problems too!

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i am Russian origin boy and speak fluent Russian, if this is really so important i can look up developer from Russia and ask him but what does it change?

when i update my Audirvana i also note sometimes sound might have subtle but audible change, once i did not like that change i waited for new update and then happily stopped updating Audirvana. mind this i love that software.

another example is Canon firmware updates which fix damn serious issues including lens calibration and else, so i would never be so sure that firmware did not or could not change sound.

As to how he did it Russia is full of surprises and many people in Silicon valley speak Russian.
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I have no idea what the AK120's UI is like but I am not surprised if the software for it is adaptable to the AK100 after some tweaks.

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Originally Posted by CraftyClown View Post

I'd be pretty pissed off if I was an AK120 owner right about now. 


The difference between the units has now been pretty much reduced to an extra dac, for almost twice the price.


I'm certainly not denying the SQ is improved in the newer device, however it's value has just taken one more solid kick to the nuts!  eek.gif


I do not place that much monetary value on UIO and gapless, certainly not £1k+ worth. But then again this kind of product is in serious discretionary spending territory so cost is relative anyway.

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Thanks for posting the Russian firmware (as well as the mirror for an alt download).  Gonna load this firmware (I'm still on v1.32, as 1.33 made my UI lag terribly...).  Assuming the Russian bits work as advertised, the only thing I'd really want on my RWAK100 is a true line-out.


Oh, and after seeing several posts about the efficacy of amping:  just my personal tastes, but I use the ALO MK3-B (single-ended only though).  I initially wanted a DAP only for portability, but even after Vinnie's mod, I went w/ an amp (a bigger one at that) because I like the sense of improved dynamics.  Plus, the MK3-B's bass knob implementation is terrific, IMO...

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Does anybody else have an issue trying to turn their AK100 on. If I leave it turned completely off for a couple of hours and then come back to it I can't get it to turn on at all. I know there is charge in the battery (actually about 75%). If I connect the charger to it and press the on / off button it turns on straight away. It will then turn on and off without a problem, but leave it off for an hour and I get the same problem.

This really is infuriating and to my mind shouldn't be happening on a DAP that costs the price this does. I'm using 1.33 Firmware by the way.
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