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Originally Posted by Gintaras View Post

I understand your your outrage about AK people censoring posts on facebook... But do you think it's wise to post such comments on their facebook which in fact aims to help them boost sales? Why not contact AK directly if you have some issues or write to ReWine people doing ak mod?

I can see why people from AK delete such posts and i believe any company would do that. However if you politely explain your issue with them directly perhaps they will try help you. Also reposting something that might hit sales on their site and especially something like third party opinion also is not best way to proceed. And AK owns their Facebook page so they have the right to control its content.

Sorry if my opinion on the matter differs from yours.

Well, read around in the Meridian Explorer thread.

They had a very similar problem, a much too high output impedance (around 50).

Their reactions? Come clean about it, fix the problem (it is around 5 now) and replace the devices that exhibit the problem free of charge. AK can't do this anymore, they didn't react on time, the least they can do is inform the customers before they blow $700 on a device that doesn't work with their headphones as expected. This is because their device doesn't perform as expected, not the other way around. That's called customer service, and being honest about your product.

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Fair point, that's why Meridian is a true high end firm and cares a lot about its reputation, AK just is not Meridian. However users would better advised to contact AK directly about this problem and if this stays unsolved either go Rwak or move away and buy another Dap. Sadly we cannot do much since we do not own AK. I however also know about slow response if any from Cowon too. So just remember, when you step high end rules of the game change but AK is not this.

That's why i love high-end makers and if anyone of them would roll out a DAP i will buy this in no time. Same was my reason for buying Musical Fidelity Iems and i never came disappointed with my decision, they sound just great for the money and luckily no fit problems for me.
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Sorry for being bold but... they do demand a premium price, don't they? They clearly position themselves as a high end DAP maker. They should learn the new rules too.

Not to forget, the Explorer costs less than 50% what an AK100 costs. Traditional high end company, with respect for the customers even when it comes to the pricing vs new high end company that has plenty to learn. But will they?
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But, people in general will not know unless they read about the potential problem and have no idea there is one. To me, there is no question on the improved sound and it is a lot of money to spend and not get the best something has to offer. Well it took a long time for iRiver to produce a good machine since the HP120/140 but they missed a little though it can be fixed. If they are going to price in the higher end market then they should be ready to take the heat if they don't give what they say their product will do. Face it head on rather than sweeping it under the rug out of sight, so to speak.

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They have finally answered in a decent manner. Nice to see them making progress deadhorse.gif




Originally Posted by Astell&Kern MQS Portable System on FacebookView Post

Thanks so much from those links. Rest assured, our engineers and development team are fully aware of the 22Ω impedance issue. We fully understand the frustrations from customers that may feel that their Balanced Armature IEMs do not match well with the AK100.

To support headphones with a high nominal impedance spec is the reason why the Astell&Kern AK100 has a high impedance output.

Based on our testing, music quality and volume is insufficient to listen to hi-res audio if the power wattage does not reach at least 7mW or less. And that is one of the reasons why the AK100 has a high output impedance, so that users can listen to high-definition music at least below 7mW.

We do not recommend users to use low quality earbuds and/or IEMs, but rather high quality headsets and/or studio monitors with a higher impedance range from 30 - 300Ω. In fact, we recommend using headsets and earphones/IEMs with specifications greater than 40Ω of output impedance and at least 98 dBSPL/mW or higher.

As you may know, counter balanced, low impedance IEMs try to match a flat and balanced sound by compensating the low and high end tones that standard digital music players/smartphones/PMPs generally cannot reproduce. When using these types of IEMs with the A&K, the low and high end tones will be exaggerated that much further because of the flat sound and high power output (1.5 Vrms/22Ω) of the of the A&K, causing the sound output to be unbalanced (over inflated bass, high-pitched treble).

We do realize that the form factor of the AK100 is one of the main selling points, but since the AK100 produces a very flat sound balance, headphones with flat frequency responses will need to be used with the AK100 in order to hear the music as it was meant to be heard.

IEMs like the Fitear Togo 334, Heir Audio Tzar 90/350, Sennheiser IE800, AKG K3003, and some of the JH Audio IEMs are some great IEMs with flat frequecy response that will match great to the flat sound that the Astell&Kern AK100 produces.

Other risks of using headphones/IEMs with low impedance:

· Because of the high voltage output of the Astell&Kern (1.5 Vrms), it may exceed the output of low-quality and capacity of these IEMs. The high output may also cause excessive heat and shortage in low-quality earbuds and IEMs.

· Because of the high output power of the A&K, using low quality IEMs and earbuds may cause a reverse flow of power from the earbuds to the internal circuits and DAC of the A&K, causing malfunction of the A&K.

· The high output impedance also prevents circuit shortage from electrostatic discharge.

We hope this answers your concerns of the Astell&Kern AK100. Please let us know if can help address any other concerns from you or from others.


Edit: much is copy / paste from 6moons.

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Good to see they have thought about this. My JH13's sound much better after the mod to the AK100 than before.


I keep asking them about the gapless and for a few months have gotten the same answer, "our engineers are working on it".

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They pretty much gave the same answer to someone else concerned with the 22Ω impedance issue and iriver's answer was addressed and posted in this thread some time ago. 


Perhaps it's a canned response (a carefully thought out one at that) they're sending to everyone questioning their decision on implementing the 22Ω. That's why maybe it's the same response given to 6moons.

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The magic term is "problem". Based on the conversation I had with iriver and based on what I have read they do not see it as a problem.

Originally Posted by roibm View Post

Well, read around in the Meridian Explorer thread.

They had a very similar problem, a much too high output impedance (around 50).


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Originally Posted by Saraguie View Post

This would be my idea of perfect.

AK 100 stock from my earlier post is one of the best dap as transport .
After mod stage 1 and stage 2 now is on of the best dap for on the go
Small , portable and battery life is more than 16 hours

For the best SQ for my AK 100, I charge using my new blackberry charger .
Take about 5 hours to charge , but longer for using my AK 100
This my personal and my friends experience .

Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

Thanks for the detailed reply Rudi, You have PM

Pm send Sonny
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Originally Posted by rudi0504 View Post

Thank for your nice impression Gavin .
I hope you hear stage 2 soon

Stage 1: my friend mod the headphone out with gold copper cable

Result : impression from Gavin
The thing is the Stage 1 kinda offer a signature different to what is available in other daps...Very wide, authoritative and very good slam and attack

Stage 2 : I haven't seen and heard
I want mod stage 2 on Saturday

Result : impression from 4 friends that already mod Stage 2
Very wide soundstage , better detail and more depth than stage 1
They heard with low volume listening , sound so good

Stage 3 : still on progress but haven't well done yet , modification the LINE IN as COAX OUT
beside OPTICAL OUT , because this LINE IN seldom use it .
Like one DIY from Japan already done

My impression after Saturday .

This is interesting. I was considering the RWAK100 but the stage 2 mod has got my attention. Who is doing the mod?

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Originally Posted by tm.chen View Post

This is interesting. I was considering the RWAK100 but the stage 2 mod has got my attention. Who is doing the mod?

My DIY friend in Jakarta Indonesia
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Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

Yeah X7 could last a week...I do not know how they did...

I've gone a month before without charging my DAP ;)...

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Originally Posted by roibm View Post

I bet.


The question is, shouldn't the public be informed regarding what this really means? Why not allow linking to an article that clearly explains it and why it is important?

Why not allow posting measurements, for instance a UE triple.ti 10 which is a mess when paired with the AK100 and T1 which looks quite good?


Full measurements:


It's because they have something to hide. They will not admit to the 22 ohm impedance as being a flaw as that would make them liable to fix the issues and fat chance on that.

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