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Ultrasone HFI 580s Situation after trying the 2400s

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Hi there guys!

After loads of reading here in HeadFi i made up my mind and decided to enter the Audiophile world and get my first pair of real cans: between the M50s and the 580s i chose the latter, and must say i am really happy with the quality of these. Its been two-three weeks with them and they sound amazing.

However, there are some things that kind of make me doubt a little bit on what to do next: whether to keep them, to mod them or to sell them and change them for new ones.

Even though i bought the 580s knowing about the long cable thing, i took my chances and bought them anyway, braided them as soon as they arrived and well, its still a little bit uncomfortable to walk around with the cable, even when i put it in my jacket's inner pocket. Another little detail is that sometimes the phone jack unplugs from my player (ZuneHD), and i reckon that has a lot to do with the weight and thickness of the cable: any drastic movement can unplug it, or maybe the plug has gone bigger because of my previous headphones...Anyway, this hassle with the cable is awkward enough to make me consider changing them, even though their are still quite new, have not burned in and are an amazing pair of phones.
But a week ago i was randomly browsing stuff at this shop and i saw that they had the Ultrasone HFI 2400...my ears were so happy with them that i immediately though of selling mine and getting those...not only the sound felt much richer because of the bass, but they felt more comfortable and lighter in my head, probably because of the materials, but couldn't help to think about the cable again: the 2400s come with two flavors of cables: a long, thick one for home use and a thin, short one for the go, and the fact that it is detachable makes them more durable in the long run: if the cable breaks (which happens a lot to me), well you just get another one (:
I was considering buying the parts to modify my 580s and making the cable detachable...i can do it easily, but i am afraid that wont be enough to satisfy my audio hunger :P After listening to the 2400s...wow...
Dont know if i should just wait for the burn in time and see if the bass will be satisfying enough for me then...is the bass in the 580s comparable to the 2400's?

So, long story short: mod and wait for burn in, or sell and grab a new pair of 2400s?
If your recommendation is to sell them, would you go for the 2400s, or would you recommend a complete different pair of phones in the same price range?

Thanks in advance!


P.D: If you are interested in getting this almost-new pair of 580s just say the word on a PM...would be nice to sell them to someone in the community, that would really appreciate them (:

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Well I dont know what you consider portable but the 2400 are open headphones which means that they let sound leak out and in. To me that makes a terrible headphone on the go because you are never going to be in the ideal situation while on the go (in a quiet room where you cannont bother anyone). You may want to consider one of the closed variants of the PRO line (PRO750, PRO900, etc). They sound very good as well and are closed but are also big, they are very well built though and can take abuse.
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