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choosing an open can

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hi, im currently using Beyerdynamic T70. Source is Sony entry level sacd player into Govibe peak hp amp.

I'm considering an open can. I love Bon Jovi's song. I love drums. i listden to some vocals and acoustics. But my main objective is comfort as I want to listen to hours using the hp.


I am considering the following cans: not following order

Grado Ps500

Hifiman He-5 Le

Alessandro MsPro

Shure 1840

Audeze LCD 2

Sennheiser Hd600/650

or any other that i didn't think of.



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he500, rs1,  hd700

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Lcd2 or he-500. Number 1 options
He-400 sounds amazing with drums.
Hd650 are great as well.
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Thanks. But my primary concern would be QC. I've heard from a senior that Hifiman's Headphones have durability issue. I'm afraid of that because I certainly don't want to buy something which can perform within a year or so.


I love soundstage, and so as much as I would like to try PS500, or Rs1i for that matter, I am afraid I cannot get used to the tiny soundstage.


HD700 didn't impress me last time. Maybe it wasn't meant to impress or that I am at the wrong environment.

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